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  1. M

    cutting diet and t3

    hi all, so in the last few months i have put on 3-4kgs... i am trying to loose about 6-7kgs of fat and build muscle at moment i am 171cms 63-64kgs :( my house mate was a pro thai boxer and helped me with a diet and got me onto some t3 meal 1 protein shake half an apple with almond spread...
  2. A

    My spring cutting diet

    Hey guys, just would like a critique on my cutting diet, im 5'5 about 69 kilos/ about 150lbs. 18% body fat. Very happy with the muscle gains ive made, think its time for a cut. so here it is, let me no what you think. Main goal is to drop body fat to show off some abs, while keeping my muscle...
  3. A

    cutting board scale

    This concept is a cutting board that has an integrated scale within a defined area on it’s surface. This allows a person to both cut and measure ingredients on the same surface with very little extra effort. Simply put, it precisely reduces the steps of preparation, dishes to clean, and time...
  4. S

    Strict Mon-Fri Diet for Hybrid Cutting / Bulking

    Hi Guys, Nutrition is the key to success should be really most strongly emphasised! This is my current hybrid cutting / bulking diet breakfast: fat burning pills (used lipoburn, shred, now about to try ALRI - TX & Wild Bull) 3 whole boiled eggs with salt / pepper 1/2 to 3/4 a cup of...
  5. T

    A cutting diet, what do you think

    I am looking to start a cutting diet in the next few days and i came across this diet, can you let me know what you think and what if anything you would change.( i am thinking of changing the penut butter out for something different but i dont know what?) All help appreciated. Meal 1 6 egg...
  6. B

    revised cutting diet

    hey guys.. so this is my revised cutting diet... i'm aiming for standard 35% protein 45% carbs 20% fat.. 5:30 am meal 1: 1 metric cup oats , 1 scoop whey, 1/2 cup water <workout> 8:30 am meal 2: 200g Tuna, green apple, 2 flaxseed tablets 12:00 pm meal 3: 180g chicken and salad S/W with brown...
  7. B

    my diet for cutting...

    alright. As i was saying in my training log, I need this tuned up a little. My Stats: height : 174cm weight : 73kg bodyfat : 12% Goal: bodyfat to get down to 8% My current diet from Monday to Friday along with the macros (grams) is roughly: Meal 1: 1 metric cup oats, milk and 1 scoop ON...
  8. A

    Losing strength while cutting

    is it normal to lose strength when you cut your calories/dieting? I am only going to cut my calories by 500 a day. Would upping my carbs on weight training days help me keep strength? Is there any way around strength loss?
  9. T

    Cutting - Suggest a diet?

    Hey I need to cut for about 2 to 3 months, wanna get bf% down to around 15%. Going running every morning for a good 45 minutes, can someone suggest a diet where I will have the $$ in my pocket, but get enough nutrition to maintain muscle and lose fat? Thing is I dont have a job, and therefore...
  10. kindred

    Tips and tricks to avoid muscle wasteing during a cutting phase

    Not sure if i have the terminology right but I want to loose some fat but keep the muscle that I have. Does anyone have any tips or tricks that will assist in this endevour? I have read that usually you can either loose fat and muscle or gain muscle and fat but you cant loose fat and gain...
  11. O

    Cutting up with Hydroxy cut

    I have just bought muscletech's hydroxy cut and have read the meal diet to go with the suppliment. At the moment I am on protien powder and cretine and Musashi fat loss before bed and in the morning. With the hardcore diet to go with hydroxy cut seems a little difficult at the moment. Eg...
  12. T

    Cardio for cutting

    Hi Peoples, I am just trying to get a general idea of what types of cardio people do for cutting down. My last comp i did more fat burning focused cardio (keeping the heart rate between my fat burning zone) this time im trying the hi intensity (RPM, hi energy classes) just wana get an idea on...
  13. S

    Bulking? Cutting?

    what exactly is bulking ad cutting?? thanks
  14. M

    cutting and bulking

    just a question to do about cutting and bulking. i know that you change your diet, but do you change your exercise routine as well? for example lifting a little lighter? or do you just keep on doing the same routine as usual?
  15. R

    [Cycling] Cutting down handlebars

    Is it really worth doing? What are the pros and whats the best way to do it? THANKS.