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  1. Fister Roboto

    Vegan Bruh

    Started this to answer some of the questions that arose when I said that I was eating vegan for September. steveP; Darkoz; All the chatter on youtube about veganism prompted me to read some of the studies and research papers (mostly the conclusions admittedly) and for 3 reasons, I would like to...
  2. kaz

    Bodybuilder loses battle with liver cancer which he blamed on diet of junk food

    A FORMER bodybuilder who consumed 10,000 calories a day washed down with seven to eight energy drinks has tragically died from liver cancer at the age of 39. Fitness fanatic Dean Wharmby — who was told he had weeks to live last November — blamed his illness on his quest to attain the perfect...
  3. A

    Best Foods and Tricks for Dining Out

    What are your favorite places to get food when dining out? What are your go-to meals when eating out with friends? Have any tips/tricks to share with everyone?
  4. D

    10 ways to stay motivated & keep lean through autumn

    Losing weight and getting ripped is not an overnight experience. Unless you are already fairly lean be realistic that your fat loss is a long term goal. 1. STICK TO A REGIMENTED DIET 2. REALISTIC GOALS & EXPECTATIONS 3. STRUCTURE A DIET YOU CAN MAINTAIN 4. DON'T STARVE YOURSELF 5. PROTEIN IS...
  5. Puggy

    Questions about Cutting?

    Hey all, I've almost finished my first bulk, and I'm really impressed with the results. My arms have grown over an inch. And other parts are visibly different. I'll be posting some pictures soon. I'm going to be starting a cut soon, hoping to hit 8-10% body fat by the end. My aim is to cut...
  6. A

    How long is your typical bulking and then cutting period?

    how long does it go for
  7. A

    Tell usabout your usual bulking and cutting cycles

    Do you run each cycle for a specific amount of time (Bulk for X months followed by a cut for Y months) or until you hit a certain weight (Bulk until you weigh X lbs/kg followed by a cut until you weigh Y lbs/kg)? Touch on any points you feel are relevant
  8. A

    Are bulking and cutting necessary?

  9. Rugby88

    Outline of Dave Palumbo's Diet For Cutting

    Alot of people (am bbers/pro bbers - general trainers) have used this diet with great success - I have tried it and honestly its very similar to what I do now (I do a higher % of fats) - if your focused and committed it can draw some good results - The premise of the diet is high protein...
  10. jj80

    How to Diet - Lean Bulking, Cutting, Macros, Supplements, Everything Explained.

    This series on dieting covers just about everything, and it's by Eric Helms (natural bodybuilder and trainer). He practices what he preaches with pretty decent results, and has a number of clients. It's basically like a free no-BS ebook that's read to you. The only con? You need a...
  11. BrisVegasGhost

    Cutting Water Weight

    For those of you that compete or do photo shoots, what is your preferred method to drop that last bit of water. The best approach I understand is the water and carb manipulation. And I have read some people take dandelion root as a natural diuretic. I have read people drink wine the...
  12. H

    Cutting - do you include cardio?

    Just a question for you guys? When cutting just below maintenance caloric intake do you include cardio as part of your workout? Currently I don't do cardio (do play squash once a week but it's off season now) so only doing 45 mins workout 3 times a week. With that can you still cut BF % without...
  13. J

    Anyone able to critique my first cutting diet?

    Hey guys, Stats - Age: 24 Weight: 76kg Height: 165cm Been bulking for about 3 years and gained around 25 - 30kg. Also developed a bit of a gut during this time, so I'm looking to cut down some fat and re-assess where I'm at and what my next move is. I've thrown together this diet after a bit...
  14. Headley

    cutting down the fat %

    Guys, what are some good tips, advice and plans for cutting the body fat
  15. S

    Sedentry Work and Cutting

    Any tips for cutting whilst working a sedentary job? I'm currently 100.8kg and my weight loss has stalled the last 2 weeks. Had been having 2250cal with correct p/f/c and brought on a 3 kilo weight loss so far. Previosuly I had tried 2500 cals but gained weight. How does a sedentary...
  16. S

    Very Simple Cutting Question/s

    I'm doing my first ever cut. I have trained with weights for along time and has generally been sports specific or just general strength. I have the diet and macros and what not sorted for the cut and am now on my 3rd week and am feeling the fatigue set in. Simple fact is, working 10 hour days...
  17. A

    Cutting - 12 weeks

    Hey guys, Coming up to the cutting season, 2 weeks away. Ill be cutting for 12 weeks, and will be my first "real" cut. Haven't worried about counting calories etc before so im all new to it, i understand its not really that complicated when you understand it. Im just wanting to know how many...
  18. nazzysmith

    cutting natty - what worked for you...

    The body building section Kuntz.. Interested in training approach while in deficit fukkers!!! How would you maintain lean mass... Imo if your over 20% bf%.... It don't matter... Just lift and concentrate on diet you fat kuntce!!! Under 20%..... slight deficit with strength training...
  19. U

    Albuterol questions from a newbie to it

    Hey guys, looking for some information on albuterol/salbutamol. I'm looking at getting on it but don't want to put drugs into my system without knowing the full effects. Currently I'm cutting using ketosis, doing a decent job so far but I've got stubborn fat around my hips and stomach that I...
  20. D1cko

    Loss of strength due to cutting

    Hey peeps, need a little guidance here I'm cutting at the moment, averaging around 0.5-1kg a week. Ive got around 6kg to go.... Stoked with the visual results but my strength has suffered considerably, and today I failed a 170kg squat, something I repped consistently during smolov... I accept...