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  1. Headley

    Best way to eat chicken for weight loss?

    Hey guys, I got 6 weeks to lose 6 kilos, it should be easy and i want to lose them asap. What's your best way of preparing chicken and broccoli? - Roast it as is - Roast it with a rub/coating - Marinated - Crumbed etc?
  2. K

    [Article] Super red arowana fish for sale

    We do supply super red arowana fish,Golden crossback arowana fish,chili red arowana fish,malaysian red arowana fish ,Red tail golden arowana fish and many more .
  3. S

    Best Takeaway for the health conscious Lifter

    My go to keeps being Subway - help!
  4. J

    Supplements for fat loss

    Any specific brand recommendations would be great! Currently taking L-carnitine, magnesium, fish oil, multi and digestive enzymes...
  5. Shrek


    Got the prawns and snapper fillets for Friday and probably a BBQ for Sunday. Steak, snags and pork chops. Pics as they come. You?
  6. showdownhero

    showdownhero's IF LCHF Bulletproof Log

    So unlike my pathetic previous attempt at a nutrition blog I intend to amaze you all with my extraordinary keto diet that is going to see me win the 2017 ausbb transformation award :) Starting off with Tuesday Training: 03/01 Rest Day Nutrition: Breakfast Bullet Proof Coffee...
  7. Reide

    Recipes for canned fish

    I'm still here. Now post recipes so my taste buds smile.
  8. Reide

    Leaving Veganism

    I had some chicken today. They tasted so bad. I expected them to taste different but I really didn't like it. So I was wanting to know what would the most beneficial fish types be? I'll give them a go I guess,
  9. Jungnaut

    Sarah Wilson is at it again. Now she's into eating scraps :/

    Turning food scraps in to your favourite dish Maybe her last book didn't do so well?? :D Check this piece of gem out: "Every day, Wilson looks to her surroundings for ingredients. From the office garbage bin, to the fish carcass left on a friend’s plate after dinner — if it’s food, and it’s...
  10. A

    Munchie tuesdays - Best Foods and Tricks for Dining Out

    What are your favorite places to get food when dining out? What are your go-to meals when eating out with friends? Have any tips/tricks to share with everyone?
  11. Neddysmith

    curry laksa

    gonna be making a curry laksa for the first time for dinner tonight, just leaving out the tofu and fish balls, but putting in the chicken and prawns, not sure how it will turn out but goping it will be as awesome as it sounds.... http://www.sbs.com.au/food/recipes/malay-curry-laksa-laksa-lemak
  12. 0ni

    Coming off

    Coming off for a while Just focusing on other things at the moment, still training hard though Steroids are simply not a productive use of my time right now My main emphasis at the moment is on movement, getting everything firing correctly, good body composition and general health Nothing...
  13. A

    powerlifter Molly Kelly and her thoughts on lifting and body-image

    It's about powerlifter Molly Kelly, and just...who she is (a tattooed, intelligent athlete) and what lifting has done for her. "...instead of trying to take up less space, I became more fixated on trying to take up MORE"
  14. WoodyAllen

    Trenbolone will give you the ghay

    "The group used concentrations of trenbolone, an endocrine-disrupting chemical (EDC), found in the environment. EDCs interfere with mammals' hormone system and previous research has found they cause physiological changes to animals, such as feminising male fish. This is the first time they've...
  15. H

    Fish oil & vitamin B

    Guys, I have been asked to start taking fish oil and vitamin B as part of my training. What's everyone's experience with these tablets? Any brand to buy or avoid and any recommended places to buy (retail or online) that provide better value would be much appreciated. Cheers Sent from my...
  16. S

    Oils - Fish, Krill and now Squid

    Who's big on oils and whats your preference? Personally using Krill but was interested in the new squid oil that's stronger. Mate of mine sticks to the fish as he pop's 10-12 caps a day, he believes that its better to have the dosage spread out, personally I forget to take them, so its easier...
  17. kaz

    Ausbb Fish keeping

    We have a few spin off threads but none dedicated to Aquariums and set ups. Just bought an Eheim Professional 3 Cannister but interested in seeing what some members are running for filtration on their set ups. My Aqua One days are over!
  18. S

    Fish oil supplements increase prostate cancer risk, says study

    Another study finds link between Fish Oil supps and Prostate cancer (can't find study free of charge yet). Fish oil supplements increase prostate cancer risk, says study Men who take fish oil supplements or eat fatty fish may be more likely to contract prostate cancer, an international...
  19. kaz

    To Fish Oil or Not to Fish Oil....Great Medicine or Expensive Placebo?

    I recently included Fish Oil supplements into my diet and like others before me, I started seeing some side effects. I started on 6g a day, 3 night and 3 morning, then cut this back to 2g per day. Using Swiss Odourless Wild Fish Oil. My husband started on 9g a day and quickly took this back to...
  20. Jungnaut

    Recommendations for Fish Oil

    Does anyone have any recommendations for a good fish oil that they are using? I am looking for one with high DHA to EPA ratio.. Having just come back from the shops/health store empty handed, I am sorely disappointed by their offerings. I need sum good quality fish oilz plz!! :rolleyes: