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  1. B

    Starting this monster cutting stack tomorrow

    Tomorrow I’m starting an 8 week cycle. I’ll be using Cardarine, SR9009 and Yohimbine, with a low dose of Ostarine to go along with them, kind of like a leafy garnish on top of a fine pasta dish. I’ve also got some Clen which I might take for a couple of weeks in the middle of the cycle, I’ll see...
  2. S

    Jack of all trades, master of none.

    I get an hour in the morning to workout and I'd love to get lean, get strong, get fit (as anyone would) but given time, age and recovery, is it actually possible to do all things? I love strength training, I love sprinting, I love long distance running, I love HIIT workouts. Is it possible to...
  3. A

    PHA: The low impact exercise that delivers big results

    IT’S the low impact training that delivers high impact results. Skip your next HIIT session and try some PHA training instead. WITH so many benefits it’s easy to see why High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is all the rage. Research shows it burns more calories than steady state cardio...
  4. Goosey

    Running long distance

    JUST SAY NO! To Endurance running. It's hard on the body and the benefits can be had doing other activities that are non impactive, and or take less time, etc. Unless you're job or specific sport demands it (e.g., mil, etc) no reason to run for distance. Other than a tiny % of the population...
  5. A

    ripped 50-year-old farmer

    A fit and fabulous farm-girl has released her daily workout routine flaunting her abs. Picture: Caters Sarah Francisnews.com.au Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share on Google+ Share on Reddit Email a friend A FIFTY-YEAR-OLD fitness fanatic has revealed the secret to her youthful...
  6. A

    What were your running achievements this week?

    Hey runners, Sunday is here again and it is time to post your accomplishments for the week. Hopefully you all have something you can look back on and be proud of. Note: No need to preface YOUR accomplishments with something like, "this may not be an accomplishment to most of you...". Be proud of...
  7. Neddysmith

    Dropping 4-5kg quick - Best way.

    Hey Guys, So i have a female friend who has a requirement to be under a certain BMI, the time frame is no more the 2.5weeks, they need to drop maybe 2-3kg. So while this isnt much at all but they want to be under by a bit so want to drop maybe 5kg to be sure. I have suggested drastically...
  8. steveP

    Catalyst: Fit in 6 Minutes a week

    Saw this last night on ABC. They were essentially testing HIIT vs LISS cardio for the purpose of general fitness (not fat loss). Some interesting science in terms of mitochondria and how it affects your body's ability to regenerate cells, especially for ageing...
  9. A

    Weekly Discussion Thread #6

    This weeks topic: Cardio · What do you do for cardio? · How much cardio do you do in dieting, gaining, and maintenance phases? · If you don't do any cardio, why not? · How do you measure your cardio? · What do you do to make cardio fun?
  10. Goosey

    The HIIT vs LISS Cardio Debate

    A well thought out article http://bodytransformationfitness.com/the-hiit-vs-liss-cardio-debate/
  11. Jungnaut

    What other sports do YOU enjoy playing?

    Outside the gym I play for fun:- Squash - nothing brings my HR more than this. HIIT at its finest. Taking up riding - wake up early for a ride with the sunrise is invigorating, man. During summer - day hikes - bugs and hayfever can be a downer but the hippie gene in me says being surrounded...
  12. A

    How do you do your HIIT

    how/what you do for HIIT?
  13. L

    HIIT training

    Does anyone have any routines? Has anyone followed these routines Thoughts please?
  14. A

    What are your HIIT exercises?

    Does anyone want to share what they do?
  15. A

    Workout Of The Week - What Is The Best HIIT Workout?

    High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is a popular way for people to burn fat It's a training method that has been effective for many people. What is the best HIIT workout? Be specific. Who would benefit the most from a HIIT regimen? What kind of results can you expect from HIIT? How...
  16. TrentZor

    Hiit training for sydney city people

    As i work in the city sydney. I generally like to do Hiit at the park near me. (hyde park) with a few work colleagues If anybody is keen to come along to my hit sessions let me know via PM or txt me 0421 790 933 - Trent there is no charge as its just a group training thing. what u will...
  17. pistachio

    A couple of cardio questions...

    For the people on this forum that know a lot more about cardio than I do, I have a few questions for you.... I posted a bit of this in my log, but not sure how many people read it, so thought I'd put it here as well. 1) I am thinking of doing about 20 minutes of HIIT cardio on the treadmill...
  18. A

    Portable Interval Timer - great for DC training, HIIT, etc.

    Product Features One or two different time intervals from 2 seconds to 99 minutes. Auto mode keeps repeating through intervals. Can set from 1 to 99 rounds. Special alarm/vibrate notifies you when preset rounds are completed. Alarm by beep, vibration, or both. Alarm...
  19. M

    need some tips for HIIT

    Ok so I know that one of the best ways to lose body fat is by HIIT but I am a bit unsure of what type of things I should be doing. The gym that I go to has mostly "technogym" brand equipment but they dont have any interval programs on themo i so have been doing my own intervals. I use the...
  20. T

    Interval Training v. HIIT

    Is there a huge difference between the two? I was considering doing some interval trainin. Does that give as good as results as HIIT?