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  1. Grunta

    Knee Hurting

    Hey medical kunce! Who knows what the fuk is wrong with my knee? cbf waiting at the doctors. Every time I kneel to put on a shoe (forget rooting, cant do it) the right knee gets an agonizing sharp pain right at the contact point. :mad: Thought I knelt on something like a pebble or glass but...
  2. S

    Emotional eating.

    If I'm going to come clean, this is a major issue for me and no doubt it's 99.99% of the reason I fail reaching my goals. If I'm training and have a plan, my diet is is great, I plan my meals, I stick to the plan and results slowly follow. Recently I did an injury whilst lifting, I convinced...
  3. I

    ? NEW Premium Gym Accessories! Belts, straps, wraps and sleeves! Check them out! ?

    ? NEW Premium Gym Accessories! Belts, straps, wraps and sleeves! Check them out! ? We're very excited to introduce our latest innovations and product releases! As you're part of our VIP list, you can also use this months coupon code 'VIPMARCH' which will give you $5.00 off your order. For...
  4. A

    someone was curling in the squat rack

    Pittwater Rd stabbing: Three wounded in Brookvale gym stabbing A KNIFEMAN is at large after stabbing three men inside a gym on Sydney’s northern beaches last night. Witnesses said the “agitated and aggressive” man entered the gym on Pittwater Rd, Brookvale about 8pm and approached four men and...
  5. Shrek

    “Injuries Causing Me To Stop Weight Training” – Lee Priest

    Fitness, Bodybuilding, and Professional Sports “Injuries Causing Me To Stop Weight Training” – Lee Priest Posted by Lee Priest EDITOR’S NOTE: MuscleSport Magazine columnist Lee Priest has decided to stop weight training due to a debilitating injury he suffered two years ago. The legendary...
  6. WoodyAllen

    Vegans should not play with matches

    Protein and healing from injury. http://edition.cnn.com/2017/01/03/health/vegan-diet-healing/index.html
  7. Fadi

    Triceps giant drop set with a twist

    Everyone knows the effectiveness of a giant set, where more than two exercises targeting the same muscle or muscle group are done one after another. Similarly, everyone is familiar with drop sets and the burning pump they give a worked muscle. This triceps' giant set does have three exercises...
  8. Fadi

    You're not required to squat, so why are you?

    Yes the title is controversial, especially to the hardcore bodybuilder reading here. But this is not the powerlifting or Olympic weightlifting section of the forum, so surely, the people's interest lies first and foremost with muscle hypertrophy above all else correct? So think about it for...
  9. A

    What tolls did injuries take on you (physical and psychological) and how did you reco

    What tolls did injuries take on you (physical and psychological) and how did you recover?
  10. A

    People that have dropped out of fitness, how did you get back into it?

    People that have dropped out of fitness, how did you get back into it? dropping out due to injury , time , motivation
  11. A

    Why Sleep Is So Important When You're Trying To Build Muscle

    Why Sleep Is So Important When You're Trying To Build Muscle You can do intense workouts, eat the right foods and take the right supplements, but your muscles won’t grow without decent sleep. This video from the PictureFit YouTube channel explains how important sleep is for your body when...
  12. A

    A Week-by-Week Guide to Becoming a Runner (Later in Life and/or Safely)

    Whether it’s events like Tough Mudder, a marathon, or a local sprint triathlon many people decide to take the step to get into running each year. They search online for free programming (because running is so simple no one should need to actually pay for advice) and find something called a...
  13. MickB

    Hi Guys and Girls

    Hi All, I have just returned to Bodybuilding after a lengthy spell out. I used to be a member on here 2-3 years back but had a car accident and herniated two discs in my neck - was touch and go for a while if I'd ever be able to lift again - got very depressed and couldn't even come on the site...
  14. Puggy

    Getting a sore lower back post leg day

    Hey all, Been getting a bit of a sore lower back post leg day for the last few months, it hasn't been anything major but painful enough to present me with difficulty lifting everyday objects. By the time I get to my second lot of a deadlifts for the weak the pain is gone, usually lasts 3-4 days...
  15. A

    Bodybuilder Andy Page’s mysterious death leaves friends and family devastated

    Andy Page during a fitness competition. Photo: Rory Banwell Photography Jessica ElderGold Coast Bulletin Email a friend GOLD Coast fitness model Andy Page posted a video on Saturday morning about her “lean breakfast” and upcoming workout The next morning she was dead. The...
  16. L

    Grip weakest link in deadlift

    Hi All, My trainer has me currently doing high-volume to bring up my work capacity and to burn off the fat. However with deadlifts my forearms and grip is running out of steam halfway through the sets. I know I have other options but: 1. I don't like alternating grip due to some imbalances, a...
  17. ride29er

    Bulged Disk with extruded cartilage

    5 weeks ago in my local strongman gym I was doing some deadlifting, I hit a single at 180kg which is 30kg off my PB and felt a pop like a knuckle cracked so I instantly hit the floor and layed still for a few minutes to see how my body reacted, felt ok until I went to move and the pain was that...
  18. A

    torn rotator cuff

    anyone experienced a torn rotator cuff? how long did it take for you to recover? , what exercises did you do to help? in all my years of factory work the only injury i really got was chemical burns, now working in IT i find myself with a torn rotator cuff after dropping a UPS
  19. M

    Canadian Fitness Model Rebecca Gray Workout & Diet

    My name is Rebecca Gray, I am from Mississauga, Ontario. I am 23 years old. I have been involved in competitive sports since the beginning of high school including woman’s flag football, swimming and track and field. From there I was a varsity track and field athlete. Struggling with one injury...
  20. Fadi

    25% to sustain the remaining 75%

    THE SPORT Olympic weightlifting THE YEARS 1982-1984 TRAINING FREQUENCY 8x/week TOTAL HOURS/WEEK 16 25% (4 hours) of those 16 was spent doing conditioning exercises and stretching. The exercises consisted of sit-ups, leg raises, crunches, weighted back-extensions. The pre-session stretching...