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  1. G

    Suggestions/Info needed

    Hello, I rang up a few places regarding buying equipment to have my own home gym (saves me the membership of a Gym and travel time). After talking with a few places, one of them recommended instead of investing $2000-$3000 in a home Gym, since I am a beginner, I would be better off spending...
  2. G

    New Member - Experienced lifters input needed.

    Hello, I am studying to be a classical/operatic type singer. My voice type is Tenor. That is the male high voice (Like Mario Lanza, Luciano Pavarotti etc) I would like to get into the whole Gym thing. I am just over 30 years old. I just have a few questions, if someone can help elaborate. 1...
  3. Goosey

    Broken rope

    Just thinking about T-dog (tilt) and his fall. Is it worth taking risks when working out? why do we workout? As an example. we know that the squat is a productive exercise but carries a risk of injury as opposed to a leg extension. ill just leave it there, what's your thoughts on the...
  4. A

    Why It's Dangerous To Ask A Stranger For A Spot

    When it’s time to go for broke with a new personal best in the gym, you may ask a stranger for a “spot”, which is fitness lingo for “help me out, bro”. You’re ready to crush this, you think… but what if the person doesn’t actually know how to spot and you get crushed? Worse, what if you both get...
  5. Puggy

    Tendonitis of Brachioradialis (Elbow)

    Hi all, Wanting your take and advice regarding this kind of injury. I've been doing a bit of research but wanted your input. Around 6 months ago, I encountered tendonitis in my left arm, I left it untreated for 6 weeks and as a result now have long term damage that has to be corrected. 1 week...
  6. A

    Steroid users speak out against stereotypes as drug use among teenagers and young men

    Bulking ... Steroid user Paul shows his results five months after undergoing chemotherapy for testicular cancer.Source: Supplied YOU’VE heard the steroid horror stories. The bloody bar fights blamed on roid rage, the exploding biceps, the withering testicles and the sudden strokes taking young...
  7. A

    9 Things Science Says All Runners Think About When They Run

    Whether you’re a one-miler or a marathoner, chances are you’re thinking the exact same thing as the jogger next to you. How do we know? Science told us. A recent study required participating runners to verbalize their thoughts, stream-of-consciousness style. A tape recorder strapped to their...
  8. A

    How did everyone's August go?

    Total Mileage? Races? New Training Plan? Injury? Reach a milestone? Anything else....
  9. G

    Chest tear Grade 2

    Hi guys ,I suffered a grade 2 pec tear ,MRI confirmed.Has anyone had this injury ,if so how did you rehab,how long till you went 100% again? Any advice would be good Thanks:)
  10. vegas

    Measurement recording app?

    So after an extended lay off due to injury, I'll be getting back into the swing of things soon. I want to know if anyone has any recommendations for an iPhone app to store and track my measurements (legs, arms, waist etc) and weight. I'd prefer not to buy a full gym app because I have no plans...
  11. Repacked

    Elbow sleeves

    Interested in feedback from anyone who uses elbow sleeves. Particularly if you have used both the Inzer type ones and neoprene Rehband/TK type ones. Which did you find better/worse and why? Were you happy with they brand/type you used? Has anyone used the Loaded Lifting branded 7mm neoprene...
  12. N

    Hi im Jarrod

    Hi I'm Jarrod, I trained for 3 and a half months this year at the beginning and stopped due to soft tissue injury. Starting weight: 59kg Height: 5.10"/5.11" Current weight 75kg and havent touched a weight in like 3 months. Went from 59-78kg using creatine only in 3.5 months and increased my...
  13. taurus

    How do YOU warm up?

    As the heading says! Cardio equipment? Bands? Dynamic stretching? Specific movements? Rollers? I'm just interested in forms of warm ups! For me, it's dynamic stretching and band work. Have a good weekend!
  14. A

    Woman’s deep voice sparks roid rage

    WHEN personal trainer Ryan Bernard Horner’s bodybuilder girlfriend started developing male traits, he began to suspect her trainer was pushing her to use illegal steroids. Source: Supplied WHEN personal trainer Ryan Bernard Horner’s bodybuilder girlfriend started developing male traits, he...
  15. spartacus

    Odell Manuel 1050kg raw (wraps) total, 7 June 2015

  16. Jungnaut

    Weakpoint Monday: Anterior and Posterior Shoulders

    Which exercises and techniques do you use to balance out your anterior and posterior shoulders/delts? Too many dudes focus on the anterior (eg presses, flyes), not enough on the posterior (eg rows, reverse flyes). What lengths do YOU go to to ensure your shoulder gets worked out evenly across...
  17. Jungnaut

    Stretching does not prevent injury, it just makes you more flexible

    To be honest I stretch because being nimble feels good, I like being flexible and I thought it reduces chance of injury. But this study appears to suggest I am incorrect on the third reason - it does not prevent injury! In fact, all stretching does is make your body used to and good at...
  18. C

    comments and suggestions on balancing life and training etc

    Hello everyone, just wanted to share part of my story and perhaps if others have felt the same and can share their thoughts and what they did. I would appreciate if we can stay on topic. Some information about myself: In the younger years i was relatively skinny. Around 2009 i started going...
  19. vonfram88

    AFL clears AFL!

    Essendon ASADA investigation: Players not guilty of using banned peptide, AFL Anti-Doping Tribunal finds - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) Bullshit. What next- they will clear Ben Cousins of having a drug problem? ASADA is correct to be disgusted with the AFL verdict which...
  20. A

    Glute / Sciatica / Piriformis injury, unable to squat or deadlift heavy

    I have had this glute injury for the past 6 months. Basically I can't do any lower body lifts like squats, deadlifts, any variations of those, etc. Pain can also occur when I try to do barbell rows or good mornings or good morning type positions. When doing the squat or deadlift, there is pain...