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  1. jzpowahz

    21 Exercises For Injury Free Mass

    T NATION | 21 Exercises For Injury Free Mass Thoughts on this article? I know this is the PL section so everyone WANTS to do the big 3. I'm only 29 and am already feeling a bit worse for wear in the knees and shoulders and IMO my form is pretty good. I've done one novice comp before...
  2. A

    How do you do your BB rows?

    Like this? Pendlay Rows 250 X 5 - YouTube this? Yates Rows 225x15 - YouTube Any other preferred methods?
  3. M

    Shoulder injury, tear to left supraspinatous tendon. HELP!!

    About 2 months ago i was at the gym doing a warm up incline bp nothing too heavy and hurt my sholder, they say its a tear in my left supraspinatous tend. before it happened i would get a slight pain like this whenever i bp for months before( thought nothing of it) and finally it has givin in...
  4. K

    SI joint injury

    So Im pretty sure I have an SI joint injury, no idea how it happened it was not a sudden onset. I had noticed that the si joint on my left side would pop fairly often for the past few months but no pain until last week. Im pretty sure its SI joint as the symptoms all seems to fit and well the...
  5. K

    lat pain

    every time my body jumps or i move my shoulders back i get a strong sharp pain on my left lat just under my arm pit. when im working out the pain is normally fine but its just when i do feel the pain its strong and last about 30 seconds should i go see a physio or will it heal its self...
  6. D

    neck injury

    i injured my neck today after a set of dumbell curls, i did complete a series of pull ups before hand. Description of the pain its more of a stabbing pain on the right side of my neck only hurts when i move my neck around the pain probably is a 3 on a scale of 1-10, 10 being excruciating i...
  7. R

    Shoulder Injury, good physio in sutherland shire?

    Hello ive done something to my left shoulder, I suspect the rotator cuff. Im not to sure how I did this but I think it would of been gym related. its been no good for 2 weeks now with no sign with getting better so I think its time to get it checked out. I am currently not lifting at the moment...
  8. walt

    Help with deadlift (vid included)

    Hello, well for the past 2-3 weeks my lower back has been getting some slight pain, mainly after training from deadlifts. But today it was bad, even warming up on 100kg i was getting some pain. I did 60kg for 2 sets, 100kg for 2 sets, 140kg for a set (vid), 170kg for 2 (lower back pain so...
  9. A

    Sue the Govt for injury while having Sex?

    Sue the Govt for injury while having Sex? Well ive seen it all now. Woman sues government after light falls, injures her in hotel room while having sex on work trip | News.com.au SHE was on a work trip, staying in a hotel booked and paid for by her employer - but does a sex accident...
  10. staunch308

    Lower back pain/pulling deadlift injury

    I was deadlifting about 2 weeks ago and injured my lower back; it isn't sharp pain but it feels like a pulling/stretching sort of pain when I pivot my torso 45 degrees onwards. reason why it was the deadlifts was that I was not using my legs fully and most likely was arching as I was pulling it...
  11. M

    forearm injury not repairing

    Towards the start of january i started doing PTC's beginner program. I'm fairly sure i injured my forearm by stretching too aggressively after bicep curls. Following that i stopped performing any exercises that involved pulling as i would get a sharp pain in my forearm. A few weeks later my...
  12. S

    INJURY i think

    Doing close grip tricep cable push downs felt a twich in my forearm feels like i pulled something then when doing bench felt like my forearm is jarred still pushed threw and finished workout but next day felt tight and had not much movement now feels better but i can still feel some small pain...
  13. jzpowahz

    groin injury

    I have pulled groin muscle 2.5 weeks ago doing lunges. At the time it felt pain instantly. I did some light stretching afterwards. (I couldn't do RICE at the time) Since then I have been doing light stretches pretty much every day and it's still sore. I can still deadlift but cannot squat...
  14. N

    bodyweight training to maintain lean mass while healing from an injury..

    Hi guys, Long story short, im going in the ADF in around 10-11 weeks ( 10th May ) and i have pulled a muscle in my lower lat/oblique area today while pulling a 185kg deadlift at week 8 of the 200kg PPP program, pretty bummed out cause i reckon i had the 200kg in me in a few weeks time but oh...
  15. kindred

    Not an injury but fuck it shits me!

    Jock itch!!!!!!!!!! I fucking hate it!!!! How the fuck are you supposed to fucking walk or run or even move when you get fucking jock itch!!!! None of the medications work. I alsways walk or run for a few months then get jock itch and im back to being fucking in-active. I ignored it once and...
  16. H

    Rotator Cuff Injury

    Hey guys this is my first post on the website. Around 6months ago I did a shoulder injury whilst doing dips. I had 40KG of weight on a chain which was hanging around my waist and think I pushed myself to hard. I eneded up damaging my shoulder and have been told the damage was to my rotator cuff...
  17. M

    Post Your Injury Stories!

    Seems a lot of people on here are getting injured lately, I thought it might be a good idea for everyone to post their stories in the one place, include how it happened, what you did wrong, and what you are doing about it, how far back it's put your training etc etc, Cheers, Morgan Posted via...
  18. theodawg

    Traps Injury?

    So Friday I had a gym session. I overloaded the Smith Machine (for Shrugs) because I was feeling extremely confident. Since Friday, my neck has been in constant pain. Referring to the picture above its my trap, but only my right one. It is extremely painful to turn my head to the left and after...
  19. J

    Shoulder Injury - Now back in the gym

    Hi, I've just recovered from a shoulder injury and can now start hitting the gym properly again. Can someone please help me come up with a shoulder workout that works the whole shoulder as well as rotator cuff. Cheers :D
  20. B

    Coming out of a Rotator cuff injury..

    I was an idiot last year and after my bike accident avoided physio etc. Then quit the gym alltogether and a dirty lifestyle has rendered me pretty wasted. I managed to save up money for a decent physio program and my shoulder is mostly rehabbed (Still the occasional pinch in the humerus/scapula...