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  1. I

    🎅*Left it to the last minute AusBB? The Perfect Gift from Iron Tanks*🎄

    🎅*Left it to the last minute AusBB? The Perfect Gift from Iron Tanks*🎄
  2. 0ni

    Strength Vs Endurance

    Increasing strength is a great way to build muscle, but how much muscle are you building if you increase your 8RM by 2.5kg that month? Eventually you run out of exercises that you can reliably get stronger on to build muscle However muscular endurance, the amount of volume you can do within a...
  3. M

    Bench press and basal Thumb Arthritis

    Bench press questions grip width Hi what a great forum, this is my first post on here but I have come here a lot to read the great info and threads etc. Edited, original was too long winded Which grip width best for wrists and hands health Thanks in advance :)
  4. A

    Dr Karl: Why do ponytails swing when we run?

    There's a lot of maths — and a bit of astronomy — behind the sideways swing of a ponytail. If you go for a run, your head bobs up and down a little bit as you move forward. But if you've got a ponytail, something weird happens. As you run forward, and your head bobs up and down, the ponytail...
  5. Goosey


    Like a car What if Mr.Olympia was a showroom for a physique you could go out and purchase after the show? Then which Mr.Olympia would be the richest? Zane? Although not technically in the running , hands down you'd sell a lot of Steve Reeves and maybe 7 Phil Heath..only to receive 5 product...
  6. Fadi

    Whey protein vs white bread..., don't fool yourself!

    Hang on a sec mate. Whey protein and white bread in the same sentence, and if that wasn't enough, you're pitching one against the other? It's got to be some joke right? No, no joke here. If I was talking protein, then yes sure, it would be the joke of the century, however I'm talking about...
  7. Fadi

    Apply power to increase strength

    We're told that speed has more genetic limitations than strength, so in order to improve on power; one may be wise to focus on increasing maximum strength to the highest possible degree. Brute strength is what we want. But wait a minute, that's not what the title of this thread is saying! You...
  8. I

    Boom! Enter Orion X!

    Hello AusBB! With the amazing reception we received last week on our Titan Gym Shoe release, we have even more good news. Enter: Orion X. These are our latest colour ways in the Orion Collection. They are now available to order in Stealth Black and Predator Camo, simply click here to secure...
  9. A

    How CrossFit has changed from 2009-present: Shoes to food to the muscle-up

    Gymnastics leotards haven’t evolved since the 1980s, and neither have gymnasts’ hairstyles—tied back tightly, wrapped in a scrunchie, and finished off with head full of metal “gymnastics clips.” The same cannot be said of CrossFit: Our culture, the clothes we wear, the food we eat, and our...
  10. spartacus

    high intensity or high volume, which is best?

    I have always thought that training heavy, too often, is not necessary. Thoughts? Here is a recent ergolog article. http://www.ergo-log.com/muscle-growth-is-the-same-whether-you-do-high-intensity-or-high-volume-resistance-training.html
  11. A

    FITNESS TIME-LAPSE: 145 Days In 2 Minutes, Lost Weight, Gained Muscle, Got Abs #IWant

    Sergei Boutenko took photos of himself everyday for 145 days in order to create this fitness time-lapse. In this 2 minute time-lapse video you will see Sergei's body lose weight, burn fat, build muscle, form a six pack, and grow a beard. Sergei is currently working a new documentary about...
  12. M

    Anabolic Steroids Student Research

    Hi, I'm a student from the UK and I need a few remaining participants to complete a 3 minute survey on body image and competitiveness! https://cardiffmet.eu.qualtrics.com/SE/?SID=SV_9v2BoGUCI2oggq9 The aim of the study is to research if competitiveness and body image concerns are important...
  13. A

    Weekly Discussion Thread #6

    This weeks topic: Cardio · What do you do for cardio? · How much cardio do you do in dieting, gaining, and maintenance phases? · If you don't do any cardio, why not? · How do you measure your cardio? · What do you do to make cardio fun?
  14. A

    Calum von Moger, Geelong bodybuilder, wins Mr Universe

    A 25-year-old Geelong man who was a self-confessed teenage “skinny little boy” has been crowned Mr Universe. Calum von Moger, 188cm and 112kg when not competing, won the bodybuilding pro title at the World Fitness Federation Universe event, staged in La Ciotat on the French Riveria over the...
  15. Repacked

    What's the biggest 'bro' movement?

    What's the exercise that you see every bro or gym noob doing that you think is a waste of time?
  16. A

    Teenager Larryn Watkins almost drowns in local pool in front of classmates

    [COLOR=#292929][FONT=LiberationSerifRegular][FONT=inherit][FONT=LiberationSerifBold] I like this it cracked me , the person is criticising people for not noticing the child upside down , but she has the good sense to whip out her mobile phone and start filming...
  17. Repacked

    How much time do you spend in the gym?

    3 questions - 1) How many days per week do you train? 2) How long are most of your sessions? 3) If different from the product of the two above, how many hours per week do you spend training in the gym?
  18. Fadi

    Bro Science vs. Science and what you need to know

    Would you stop what’s been working for you for years based on some new scientific study? Personally, I wouldn’t. If something has been working, it does not stop working because some scientist somewhere has “proved” to the contrary. A case in point here would be the application of the...
  19. jzpowahz

    eating competitions

    I know we have some big eaters around here. Anyone else do eating comps? Post up the challenge and what you did :) I put my name down for another eating comp. Details here COAST FOOD: Big things on the cards for Little Italy | Sunshine Coast Daily The thing looks pretty damn big! 24"...
  20. A

    The Five Minute Squat Challenge

    The Five Minute Squat Challenge is a maximum repetition squat challenge where the aim is to complete as many squat reps as possible with your own bodyweight on a bar within a five minute time limit The ChallengeThe Five Minute Squat Challenge is pretty simple – on paper. Load up a barbell with...