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  1. A

    Squats to legg press 100 reps

    Hi Guys I have been reading on the forum about the 20 rep squats , well if you want good strong legs try the 100 rep squat or as i do now 100 rep leg press cos of age 62 , when i first started them i used an empty bar for 25 reps then onto 50 reps then 75 reps gee do you get fit then...
  2. Goosey


    Sometimes I like to mix this up, if my target for an exercise is say 15' I will start at 15 and work back, or I might break it into into fives, occasionally when I'm on the last five I'll break it down to ones. I do whatever I can. Breaking into fives works quite well for 20 reppers. Along...
  3. M

    What the optimal amount of reps

    Ii was observing a couple of people in the gym this week and noticed the different set and reps they were doing some do the 3*10 and some were doing 2 set's to failure and set of 50 at a light weight at the end do These different methods have the same effect what is the optimal method i looked...
  4. haz

    [article] best reps for hypertrophy and sports-specific purposes

    nice article, it may help give you a better understanding of different ways to training, and how to best achieve your goals. sorry for wall of text. best reps for hypertrophy and sports-specific purposes March 11, 2010 by Bret Contreras...
  5. S

    Bent over rows Vs One Arm Dumbell Rows??

    Hey can someone please tell me which is a better back exercise, the bent over barbell row or the one arm dumbell row?? I want to strengthen lower back and lats mainly.
  6. T

    Sets and reps confusion

    Ok, so I've been training on and off for about 4-5 years now and onyl recently decided to take it more seriously. But something just occured to me with regards to reps and sets. Background info: Take for example the flat bench press I would do: Set 1 (warmup set): 30kg x 12 reps Set 2...
  7. M

    Lying and overhead dumbbell tricep extensions...How many reps and sets?

    ok I am concentrating on my triceps, and I am doing the lying tricep extensions, and the dumbbell overhead tricep extension. Currently I am using dumbbells and they are 10 kilos. I really feel it after doing 12 reps. How many sets should I be doing? I try to do 3 sets, but it kills as it burns...
  8. B

    How to increase vertical jump & agility? - (For basketball)

    Good Afternoon, I'm over 6-foot, almost 18, 87kg and would like to increase my vertical jump & general agility. My current routine is as follows; Floor-work; 70 Pushups 300 Situps Weights; 22.5KG Barbell 13 repetitions of both exercises, (wrists facing up, wrists facing...
  9. A

    reps vs. weight

    After reading some threads on here (in particular, 2 or 3 by fadi noting the benefit of large reps) and chatting to some of the bigger guys in the gym, I decided to stop lifting heavier for curls and just start doing high reps with really slow/controlled movements. I decided to try just the...
  10. L

    Low or high reps?

    Hi, I have a question about the intensity of a workout, should I be using low weights and aiming for 15 reps or more or heavier weights 10 or 6 reps with more sets? Im not a noob but I always hear different views on this. I only have spare time on weekends so I want to build as much muscle...
  11. CaT_SPeW

    1RM vs Max Reps

    Ive noticed a lot of people on this site prefer to gauge their progress by how many reps they can do of a certain weight rather than by the maximum weight they can lift once. Personally i love doing 1RM and aiming for new PB's its what i train for, to find out what my absolute maximum strength...
  12. P

    Form vs Weight vs Reps

    Just thinking bout it you right, just having a rant.
  13. kindred

    Is there a special bodybuilding/gym term for when you do single reps?

    Not 1 rep max but when you do you workout to failure then just do a few single reps when your really fatigued.
  14. kindred

    Is it worth adding additional sets when you have reached your max reps?

    For example with my bench press i can get 5x5x4 would i benifit to keep adding sets so it looked more like 5x5x4x3x2x2x1 or something until totally buggard. Or is there a point where it really makes no difference. I want to increase my bench press to 10x10x10 but i dont really know how far i...
  15. kindred

    Has anyone had any success lifting heavy low reps on squats?

    Has anyone tried it that way? I have read mostly people doing 5 reps 10 reps or even 20 reps with squats. Has anyone tried 2-4 reps max with as heavy as you can lift. Im interested to know As I gotta lift more with my squats its freaking depressing me. My legs let me down so bad. :(
  16. S

    Start heavy & go light? Or vice versa?

    Hi guys, For 3 years I trained light, then heavier, then heaviest. Eg. Bench 60kg/10 reps, 70kg/8 reps, 80kg/4 reps. Recently I flipped it: 80kg/6 reps, 70kg/8 reps., 60kg rep till fail. I find it much better as you are able to lift the heavy weight straight away as your muscles are not...
  17. S

    Sets and Reps

    My weight training routine seems to take forever Currently i am doing 3 sets of 8-12 reps. Is ok if I cut this down to 2 sets of 8-12 reps will this effect my gains?
  18. R

    Reps and weight

    currently i I have been doing 3x8 of the same weight, but a few people that I know/see doing , will do something like 10 reps, then they will increase the weight and do another 8 reps, followed by more increase in weight and do 6 reps Is there any advantage to increasing the weight for each set...
  19. M

    Lower weights, more reps?

    Hey ppl, jus wondering is lower weight and higgher reps the way to go to build muscle if high weight and low reps dont work for u??