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  1. Stiff 2G

    Gerry conquers NZ Rugby

    I think we need a new thread for this.
  2. A

    [NSW/VIC/QLD/WA/SA] Free Bodybuilding Posing Workshops

    Posing coaching with a private instructor can be expensive. These workshops are free and are held by the organisers, professional athletes and actual judges of the shows. They typically cover men's and women's divisions including bodybuilding, classic physique, physique, figure, fitness and...
  3. V

    Austpeptides & PerformanceClinics Ipam & CJC1295 Dac ,TB500, BPC 157

    Just wanted to post a thread on peptides & update y'all on their quality from 2 sources (check the tite - domestic sources ). also wanted to know if anyone had ran their stuff before and how it all went. I m running: Ipam & CJC1295 Dac (perfomanclinic) TB500 BPC- 157 (austpep)...
  4. spartacus

    40 year old breaks 10 seconds for 100m

  5. A

    2015 year end goals.

    Figured this would be a good time for anyone interested to post their current lifts and what their year end goals are. Maybe help to get focused and dialed in on making some gains in these last 3 months. I figured we can update as any of them hit our goals or get close.
  6. D

    I'm new here

    Hi everyone!* I'm new here.* I wanted to take a moment and introduce myself.* My name is David and I live in Puebla, Mexico.* I have been bodybuilding and taking steroids for years, and I am excited about the possibility of making friends with like minded people.* You can find out more about me...
  7. TrentZor

    Whats been happening at PTC Sydney 2015

    I have decided to update to a new thread as the old one has been going for awhile Hopefully i will have time to post more on this site. #Strength #Powerlifting #Strongman
  8. O

    SEDDS Liquid Delivery System + NADS

    A New Journey Begins! For over a year now Wicked Supplements has been in back and forth consultation and testing with several pharmaceutical giants. Yes that may sounds strange. How does our company get a foot in the door with these people? Well really it just came down to knowing the right...
  9. B

    An R&D update - fat burning protein, "Thermo Whey"

    Over the last week we are working on our fat burning protein "Thermo Whey". We are working on this with several flavours, however more importantly we are trialing a recent compound called Isopropylnorsynephrine, which is similar in structure to synephrine (found in citrus aurantium). Research...
  10. B

    An R&D update - re release of Pre Workout 101 and more..

    It's time for another R&D Update! Bulk Nutrients is getting very close to relaunching it's Pre Workout 101. Stability testing is going very well, with a test batch completely exposed to air showing no signs of clumping after more than 3 months. Best of all, a new "Tropical" flavour seems to...
  11. A

    Do you keep a log?

    How many of you keep a detailed training log? now i know many of you keep a log on Ausbb - Australian Bodybuilding , but do you keep a written record ?
  12. TrentZor

    Update: Redemption III Novice and improvers 3 Lift competition

    Event - "Redemption III" Novice and improvers 3 Lift competition. When - 11th August 2013 (Sunday) What - This is an raw and open event. Anybody can enter. Wrists wraps/Knee wraps are allowed. Where - The event will be held at PTC Sydney. Unit 51/2 Railway Parade Lidcome 2141 Weigh in -...
  13. I

    Advertising Update

    Just a quick note for BN. I understand that recently due to supplier your protein power prices have increased slightly. However your adds on Ausbb still don't reflect the updating pricing, this is more-so just a courtesy notice, as I saw those prices and thought that can't be right? (Screenshot...
  14. B

    Important update to our HWPI

    Important update to our HWPI - info just added to our website. To summarise the below there will now be TWO versions available: 1. One that is Hydrolised to 3%. Although very little Hydrolisation, taste and mixability is the key factor here for those that were avoiding a Hydrolised product due...
  15. candyflip

    Betting Market UPDATE - June 30, 2012

    January 2012 Betting Guide was: 4/7 Deep 3/1 pistachio, BigMick, candyflip and anyone else on the Test Booster Trial :) 8/1 Sam Heihei, LMD1234, oldcorollas, KungFooGoo, semillon, unibum, D1cko etc, Drift, Ae86, malceb and assorted low post number peeps. 10/1 Alpha Moth and other pre-pube...
  16. Rugby88

    Jay Cutler update

    Short vid from MD: Jay Cutler Update, April 4, 2012 - Back in Gym! So who thinks Cutler can coem back and win another Mr.O? I honestly think he will come in maybe 4th-5th, after Phil, Branch, Kai, and maybe even Wolf, and Martinez
  17. HCAM

    Update interview with IFBB Figure Pro, Darlene Escano-Williams

    Darlene is one of Australia's newest Figure Pro's with a success story in the sport that most chase for years! Darlene talks about: - 2012 Arnold Classic and Australian Pro Grand Prix plans - Overall 2012 plans - her new DVD - Training and diet tips for females (don't neglect your...
  18. B

    **Bioflex Update & December Online Promotion**

    Happy 1st December All! Apologies it's been a while since I've hit the forum and mainly due to working pretty hard on getting the Bioflex range into a heap of retail outlets nationwide which has been going quite well. I've also been attending a heap of competitions too and have had the chance...
  19. Goosey

    Raw milk update

    Long time raw milk users please report in.
  20. HCAM

    Aussie IFBB Pro, Con Demetriou update

    Between being officially signed and on the competitors list of his next comp this August, to the launch of his new website, our own Aussie IFBB Pro Bodybuilder, Con Demetriou is working hard overseas in the United States enjoying life there and quote, "I love the US and never want to leave!"...