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New member
As a non natural lifter how often should i be lifting an 85-90% load deadlift to increase my strength. I havent been able to make any strength gains on deadlift. Been stuck at 185 for 3 weeks training 3x3 185kg deadlifts wednesday and sundays. I am thinking i over estimated the speed at which my muscles recover, i didnt account for how much larger the muscles are for the deadlift.

Just looking for a second and third opinion etc, feel like i should only traing 85-90% on sundays and on Wednesdays focus on speed and form training aswell as perfecting my prelift ritual to help condition my mind to know when i get into this position, brace my core and engage lats that its time to lift.

Just a side note i havent been training deadlifts for strength before and i have always been naturally strong. 185kg because i could lift 140kg for 4 after a couple of weeks deadlifting when i first started training. so i know im not plateuing.
This is completely individual.

But it might be work stepping back and re ramping up the weight to see what happens. Or change the stimulus another way.

For what it's worth, the last time I pulled a 1rm PB, I hit 255. The heaviest load I'd used in the 4 or so months before that day was 175kg...not even joking. Lol.

And exactly half of my sessions involved 150-160kg.

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Speed training...is interesting.

But using a lighter day is something I've used for a very long time.

You can keep the 3x3 day. And on the other drop the weight down to say 155-160 for sets of 5 or 6.

An alternative idea that I've used before also is just doing Singles. Say start with 8-10 of them with 160 using short rest periods. Say 60 seconds. Be strict about the rest times.

Why be strict with them? Because we can also use this variable as a progression tool, by lowering it.

Say you pull 8 singles with 160. 60 secs rest. The following week might be 45 seconds rest to make it a little harder. Then perhaps the following week you pull singles at the same weight with the same rest time. Or if it was getting too hard, you bump it back out to 60secs. Basically once you have nailed say 12-15 singles in that style, it might then be a good idea to add weight. 5kg will do. Go again, back to 8 singles and start progressing it forward in the same fashion.

Once you've got 12-15 solid reps with the 45 or 30 second rest periods, or whatever you decide to use, you move up and restart the progression.

This can be done with any rep range, it's just to use with singles.

You have many metrics that can used for progression.

Rest periods.
Or even total time to complete targetted work.

Literally as easy as picking ONE for that week. And it can be a different once each week [emoji846]

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Something like this system can be applied to fucken anything training wise, and in any rep range. And be used for a VERY long time for a younger growing lifter to great effect. And for any lift or exercise for that matter, strength, size or condition related.

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So you are on the gear and are stuck at 185kg??

Seriously, I am in my 50's, l lift causally at home and do more than that.