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Big Mick

"2014 - Kunce of the year"
We have been told all your lifes to eat our veggies and have fruit daily.


Where did this idea come from? Especially considering that most indigenous cultures in the past would only have had access to seasonal and local produce. No flying Mangos and Avocados around the world to sustain our 'balanced' diet.
They are good for your health but that doesn’t mean you can’t be healthy without them.
Just because cavemen had to live and eat a certain way doesn't mean it was healthy for them
What I mean is I don't think it's a good comparison nor is it evidence of anything.
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Just because cavemen had to live and eat a certain way doesn't mean it was healthy for them

So why would a species (cave men in this case) evolve and become the dominant species on this planet despite what they ate?? Wouldn't the species evolve around the environment that it is naturally destined to live in, thriving on the foods available to it??

Anything else makes no sense to me.

What I mean is I don't think it's a good comparison nor is it evidence of anything.

So a lion living on the African plains eating zebras is not eating it's optimal diet?? I am pretty certain this is evidence that animals/species/humans have evolved in their environment.

Every animal has it's optimal diet, why would humans be any different? why would we need to fly fruit all round the world so we can eat them for supposed health benefits when we done fine for hundreds of thousands of years without flying avocados into the country.
First and foremost, humans as a species are successfull because we have the ability to adapt to changing conditions and environment and as you say, we ate what was vailable at the time but I certainly wouldn't say it was optimal.

On the other hand though, I don't think we need to eat certain foods that we have always been taught, like grains, and processed carbs from wheat like breads, patas etc., I think we can do fine and even better without them as they were intoduced only as a practical means of feeding a large population
I hav'nt eaten bread or pasta in i dont know how long. I do of course indulge in the occasional Pizza around once a month. But typically i stick to a dead animal based diet, with either beef, chicken, fish or roo at every meal with a few veges and other fat sources like cheese, avocado or eggs. And ill chuck in some fruit here and there, mostly bananas, oranges and passionfruit when i can get good stuff.

I dont typically like most carb based foods aside from fruit and the occasional pizza (covered in meat haha).

Sounds boring i guess, but i am a pretty good cook! And can make every meal taste completely different pretty easily, though with fresh cooked meals ill often just add salt and pepper to my tbones and scotchies and just smash them with a side of avocado and orange peices (dont knock it until you try it!).

Typically, i feel prettt healthy and perform well. Ha.

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Because we fly shit in, evolve medical cures, have flushing dunnies and soap we live longer, that’s all that is about [MENTION=8428]Big Mick[/MENTION] ; using what we can from around the world to extend life.

spoke to a vet, he said who they don’t show on discovery ch is when a lion kills a zebra the first eat the organs and guts for all the minerals, then they consume the meat for calories
domesticated dog will live twice as long as a feral one
If you meat eaters where serious you’d be eating the organ meats, chicken feet’n’all.

Some fruit and Veg in your diet is good, especially for the kidneys.

I think that any extreme diet is basically an eating disorder.
ones got to live a little ffs, if eating meat alone is your thing and makes you happy go for it, if eating grain, fruit and veg is your thing that’s good too.
Food isn’t bad.

one thing I noticed in my life is that my kids didn’t like vegetables, I didn’t force it.
I used to eat chicken livers.

For some reason I can’t stand the smell of them now.
Why does this happen?
Not sure what you mean by "healthy".

If you mean, "are veggies necessary to have a reasonable level of health", then the answer is "it depends...".

If you mean, "will they do you harm", as you might ask "is smoking weed healthy or will it screw you up" or "is eating maccas healthy or will it make you fat", then the answer, as far as veggies goes, is "no" (obviously).

So, getting back to the former statement, they will supply stuff that is not found as much in meat/fat only. But on the other hand, the more veggies/fruit you eat the more of the nutrients they contain you need.

Fortunately, the human body is incredibly adaptive so as long as the food you are eating hasn't been phukked over by a corporation, you can relax about eating and health and start worrying about genetics, because once your diet is sorted that's what influences your age length and susceptibility to cancer and heart disease.


That reminds me, once in Europe I was eating chicken soup and found a whole chicken foot in it, with the nails and all.
Fuk that freaked me out, I was like “WTF is that?” They all thought my reaction was pretty funny but I found nothing funny about discovering a fuken chicken foot in my chicken soup.
They dont like the. Because they are boring as fuck to eat.

Gotta spice em up.

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