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New member
Hi there,

I'm 49, 6'2" and weigh in at 153kg. I started training a month ago. I train 6 days a week with 2 days committed to Low intensity aerobics for 90mins. (i'm utilising Hugh Jackman's routine when he built for Wolverine.)

As a teen I was super healthy (rep swimming/rugby/body building) so am used to training hard and am very much goal orientated.

6 weeks ago I weighed in at 166kg so all good so far. I am feeling fantastic, no problems with my training regime and am very happy with my current progress. My stress is way down, heart rate at rest is in the 50's and I havent felt this good in decades.

My only concern is my food intake. I've gone from shoving my face with anything and everything to now struggling to eat more than 1200 - 1500 calories a day (and this is with at least 2 whey protein shakes as well)

My caloric deficit is yuge. I naturally burn 3k calories sitting on my arse and I'm at the very least burning 1200 calories in the gym every morning.

I've started marking down my food intake on myfitnesspal and my macros are around these figures -

1295 calories
104g carbs
30g fat
161g protein

I'm totally satiated at days end, and honestly it is a struggle to consume food.

For example, today I trained for 2hrs low intensity aerobics...burnt 1500 calories (i drank a bottle of wine last night with a T-bone steak...cheat night...only ate half the tbone...) and have not felt hungry since. I've had a whey protein shake, and at midday cooked a large egg with a turkey rissole and toasted tiptop "thins" to have my very own version of a mcdonalds mcmuffin. It's now 550pm and I honestly cant be bothered eating anything else...and I've now felt this way for several days. (I'll end up cooking some chicken breast and broccoli but it will be a force feed.)

With this lack of macros and training hard (reps to failure) am I about to walk into some sort of trouble? Or is my body tranferring the 60kg of fat I have into fuel efficiently?

It feels like I'm in ketosis (ive been on a vlcd diet before to lose weight so know that feeling) but I'm eating carbs. So is it ok for me to stay on this type of diet whilst I train or am I really doing something wrong?

I'm losing weight, I'm feeling great...I've got myself into a great routine...it's just my lack of appetite.Should I be woohooing that fact or should I pause for concern?

Thanks in advance to any advice you can throw my way.


Wow thats super low calories!

Firstly, Great work so far mate!
Second, can you take me through a FULL day?
Want to understand why you might not be hungry, so if we can see a full day laid out it might help. All drinks, and when you drank em too.

I'd have thought that you would have been as hungry as all fuck with that schedule.

I do think, on first look without knowing anything, that your Fats are VERY low...protein a little on the lower side, but not Chronically.

Fats are crucial to hormone regulation. Hormones regualte hunger and assist in appetite function.

Triple your fat intake and change nothing else, and see what happens after a day or two. Still a huge deficit even with that amount moving to close to 100gm.

Though i do realise that trying to eat more to fix the issue might be fucken hard, lol.

Drink those shakes in full fat milk. 400ml worth! Will help with more Fats, and calories (thats going to catch you up eventually in my opnion).


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Here is my diet

On an empty stomach 200 ml of warm water.
We eat in 20-30 minutes.

Potatoes (breakfast)!
Skimmed milk. ❗
Remove fried!
Beef, chicken, turkey - baked, stewed without oil, boiled or grilled.
Fish can be all except mackerel and herring.
Red fish can be in any form.
Seafood is everything!
Eggs! 10 pcs. 3 yolks.
Porridge / flour (only from durum varieties)! And only for the first 2 meals! ❗
Fruit -> not allowed: grapes, pears, persimmon, banana.
Dried fruits are not allowed!
No honey!
We do not eat fruit after the 3rd meal, lemons can be used after the 3rd meal.
Only protein from the third meal
As a first snack, you can use bread and nuts
Second snack nuts / avocado