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German Volume Training?


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I am going to have to agree. Those stats don't seem right. I am over 30kgs heavier yet i have a smaller waist.

You tolling again Oni??


Guys stop ripping on Oni. I just figured out why Oni's waist is 3 inches bigger then mine....

She's pregnant.


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The official ghetto booty

Don't want to derail the thread too much but they were measured by a tailor for a wedding I was going to and he said they were 27" and they are over 25" now. Waist is 35" if you need comparison
i have 63cm legs (at the center) ... according to a cm-inches converter thats only 24.8 inches
2 - Copy.jpg
i weight in around 87kg
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The official ghetto booty
^ lol :D
speaking of 'show us your guns' i actually have a show us your wheels thread.... it died :(


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Oni, you make me laugh.

I have a 34" waist, 24" inch quads, squat 235kg, am 185cm tall, and am 92kg.

I'm calling massive BS.


I have Ep1c Calendar kunce
I am going to chuck some 10 x 10 in on my next chest day (for bench) and back day (prob 1 arm row)....i'll post how I feel afterwards lol


I just measured mine about 2/3 rds of the way up my thigh. About 23.5". I took a few full body photos the other day and I was quite embarrassed with how pathetic they look, way out of proportion to upper body. I hate my legs.


The biggest point for me is nowhere near the middle, mine taper up. No sweep at all. That's fucking genetics for you.

So do I just measure at the top?

yeah the biggest point.

Work on that quad... what worked for me is 3x10 squatting 3 times a week.. nothing else has really worked.


I'm going to try 5x5 once per week cos it is working well for everything else.

The one time I tried squatting 3 times a week I got injured within about 2 months (overuse injury).

My legs get overworked (as in inflammation) incredibly easy, so I think once a week is the most they could take.

On the plus side, they are pretty damn lean at the moment, got some cool cuts happening.


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ohhh right, I've been way wrong then, mine would be more like 25+ if i moved closer to 2/3rds up...i'm nearly double Oni's weight lol


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I measure 1/2 way between hip crease and knee. That way I'm always measuring from the same spot.