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New member
I did deadlift for first time last night after 2 months without. Actually, technically it was a rack pull from knee height.

I did 3 sets of 5 reps... only went light at 40kg.

How fast do you recommend i load up? I was at 1x5 @110kg when i injured my lower back....

I am also trying to activate my hamstrings and glutes... sports doctor recommended for me doing pilates.... it has definitely helped.... done about 5 classes.
If you increase your training max by 5kg every 3 weeks then after 1 year you'll go from 150kg to 235kg and up to 320kg in two years

One of the biggest mistakes I made was trying to progress too fast - I never got injured but I sure lost my momentum and getting started again when you've stopped at 280kg is difficult. I went from 180kg to 270kg in a year and it took another two years to get to 280kg
With this weight there are often more chances of injury. I've seen many weight lifters in my gym which injured their back at least once in their life.I think they have different causes and the ways of treatment are slightly different too. In my experience back pain often takes place as a result of poor posture and lack of equipment. The reason is while lifting heavy weight the stress is exerted on the back, to deal with such situation people use weight lifting belt, you can see its benefits here https://www.aqfsports.com/blogs/news/definitive-weightlifting-belts-guide , but still wondering about which other equipment should be used to prevent other injuries and what training techniques can be followed to deal with such situation.