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New member
I just completed my 3rd Tough Mudder and had a ball doing it and have decided (hopefully) that I can stay Tough Mudder fit majority of the time. In the past I have trained up for TM only to get back into strength training and well I struggle to get back into running and fitness again.

Prior to this training cycle for TM I weighed 103kg and struggled to run 5km. After 12 weeks I weighed 104kg and could run 12kg comfortably and also completed TM at this weight. Being a heavier bloke has its disadvantages on the course, particulary when people have to try and carry my weight or help me up over obstacles so hopefully in 12 months time I am hoping to shed at least 10kg, more if I can.

Over the 12 weeks of training I moved away from doing strength from 3 times per week to once per week by the end and incorporated 2 x Bas Rutten workouts in their place. (Check Bas allround workout on youtube). Basically half an hour of boxing, jumping squats, pushups, lunges, bicep curls, sprawls, hillclimbers and alot of jumping. Plus I also incorporated 3 runs per week which differed from 1 long, 1 tempo and 1 terrain run. So by the time TM came around I was obviously better conditioned and my strength didn't suffer too much.

The above for me was a pretty taxing effort and given that I lost no weight over the process, I was focussing more on recovery and making sure I ate plenty to help recover (obviously too much). Now my goal has changed somewhat in that I'd like to keep a hold of the current fitness that I now but want to lose some fat and keep my strength and also incorporate some of the workouts I had done to at least keep me in the same ballpark of fitness.

Has/does anyone here currently do a mixture of strength and cardio based workouts?

I am looking at doing something like the following.

Mon - Full Body Strength
Tues - Sprint program
Wed - Bas Workout
Thurs - Distance run
Fri - Full Body Strength
Sat - Sprint Program

All done at the crack of dawn.

Keen to hear from other peoples experiences to learn from.