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New member
I have a home gym with no spotter, weights are getting heavier and i am looking to upgrade to a power rack or squat rack width longer safety arms.

I am leaning towards a power rack but i have a few concerns,

1.can safety bars be quickly adjusted and removed? this is to be able to do dead lift inside

2. generally can standing shoulder press be done inside one? im 175cm tall

Generally yes, the arms will be able to be positioned quickly, depends on the rack design. They may slide in thru holes in the front and rear or drop in to notches in the frame or hang off hooks or some other design...but they can all be moved quickly.

Should be able to press inside the rack, again, depends on its design and overall height. Ensure it fits under your ceiling
I can't press inside a rack as they are all too short. You have to add the radius of a full plate on top of your full reach, so usually that means you hit the upper cross bars. You can just switch the pins to the outside of the rack and press there.

I have just ordered a squat/bench combo, not a power rack. The reasons I have done so are:

1/ I am a competing powerlifter so that's what greets me on the platform. I want to train like I compete, so no power rack for me.

2/ Power racks take up a large area and you are stuck with that. I can move a squat stand easily, even breaking it down if I need to pack it away for some reason or move it to another location.

3/ If I want to try wide grip on a bar while squatting, I can't with a rack. I also have long arms and am about 189cm tall so often the rack pins are in the way if I want to grip the bar just outside the knurling rings. There is nothing you can do about that with a power rack. You can move the uprights with a squat rack, at least the combo style ones.

4/ I'm a rebel and I refuse to have a home gym that mimics every single frikken crossfit home gym on the planet.

I realise that for your average gym rat, a power rack makes sense. You can add on tricep dip "horns", add on cable row attachments, land mine attachments, pull up bars, etc, etc. But for me, a combo rack makes much more sense. That other stuff I can mount elsewhere in the gym.

For safety, I have made some safety stands. They look boss.


  • SafetyStandDimensions.jpg
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Always have a chuckle when someone says they dont squat in a rack with safties because its not like a comp.

Its such a bullshit thing to say.
Although correct....you get 3-5 fucken spotters in a comp.

Safety first at home.

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Why yes, yes I do. Why do you ask?

Blaine Sumner training like he competes, in a phaggit free zone, along with all the spotters and back slappers the you actually need.

I appreciate your decision regarding the power rack, it's a smart choice as they are the safest and easiest way to perform squats and other power lifting moves.