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Greek seafood grill last night
Actually been eating clean, but with the festive season upon us, too much beer and no abs fuken.
I’m alternating apples and bananas. Was eating so many bananas. Keeps the muscles guessing.

Aye wait wut????
A banana.

Does anyone still eat them?

I can't remember the last time I ate one, but would be at least 35 years ago, and I am sure I will never eat one again as long as I live unless it's a life or death situation.
I’m alternating apples and bananas. Was eating so many bananas. Keeps the muscles guessing.

Aye wait wut????

I did eat an apple a few days ago, but only because I grew it in my back yard on my apple tree I planted last year.

I also had a few Mulberries for the same reason.
Bananas are good for ya. I was having in them in my comp prep smoothie every day with blue berries. So fucking good. Cutting now... so the smoothie is gone, but the bananas remain. Gots to fill my 280gm of carbs up somehow [emoji14]

Oi Mick, you have much trouble growing the apple tree? Want one.

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Scotch fillet cooked to perfection... Then sliced up and whacked on toast. Because I like to upset purists.

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stat your breakfast?
why the toast? I don’t get it?
Fucken beautiful mate. Was a breakfast yep. Carbs just part of my diet bruh. Also had a glass of juice with it.

And I'm about to make the same damn thing again right now.

I buy scotch fillet as a whole fillet down here. A-Grade grass fed stuff. 20 bucks a kilo for me. Just gotta cut it up myself which is nothing.

Each steak is about 180gm. Good sizes.

Fuck I eat alot of it.

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