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Below article is not mine, not written by me and I have no particular opinion about it. Just posting for general info.


You may be aware that just recently the Luxemburg Civil Court ruled predominantly in favour of Powerlifting Australia, the Oceania Powerlifting Federation and Robert Wilks, in that many purported resolutions of the IPF, extending back some 10 years, were declared void. This has the effect that those bodies all now resume their standing in the IPF.

Fuller details on the ruling can be found here. (*See below*)

There will no doubt be further legalities to follow. However, this ruling only makes the future of Powerlifting even more clear. Powerlifting Australia and the Oceania Powerlifting Federation retain their prime affiliations as with World Powerlifting and that body continues to grow by virtue of it’s integrity, equitable local and international competitions and credible anti-doping programme.


On 31 October 2018, the Civil Court of Luxembourg handed down its decision in the proceeding brought against the IPF.
You will recall that the commencement of this proceeding was a principal reason given by the Executive of the IPF as to why Powerlifting Australia, the Oceania Powerlifting Federation and Robert Wilks ought to be excluded from the activities of the IPF.
The Court found that the IPF had committed numerous breaches of the Luxembourg Law governing not for profit organisations, including:
● Failure to comply with requirements as to the content of the IPF Statutes, specifically the failure to include the names, professions, domiciles and nationalities of members;
● Failure to file annual lists of members’ names and contact details;
● Making statutory amendments in 2010, 2011, 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2017 in breach of
the IPF Statutes;
● Amending the IPF Statutes at general meetings held between 2008 and 2017 where
the quorum of presence of two thirds of the members (as required by Article 8 of the Luxembourg Law) had not been reached.
Article 8 of the Luxembourg Law very clearly states that " The general meeting may validly deliberate upon amendments to the by-laws only if ... the meeting brings together two-thirds of the members. No amendment may be adopted by a two-thirds majority of the votes" .
These breaches persisted since the IPF was registered in Luxembourg in 2007 until the first remedial action was taken to file financials and some other documents in 2017 (in response to the commencement of the proceeding against the IPF). Significantly, and in the face of the proceedings pending in the Luxembourg Court and very clear wording of Article 8 of the Luxembourg Law, the IPF Executive proceeded to further amend its Statutes at the 2017 General Assembly, again on the unlawful basis that a two-third majority of voters present at the meeting was sufficient.
The Luxembourg Civil Court has declared " null and void the entirety of the statutory amendments adopted by the general meeting of the non-profit association of Luxembourg law INTERNATIONAL POWERLIFTING FEDERATION during general assemblies which were held between 2008 and 2017 ".
The applicable Statutes of the IPF are those published in 2007. All amendments have been ruled null and void and all decisions of the IPF taken in pursuance of the unlawful amendments are similarly invalid. This invalidity includes the 2017 decisions of the General Assembly to exclude Powerlifting Australia, the Oceania Powerlifting Federation and Robert Wilks from the activities of the IPF.
We have been vindicated in our efforts to hold the Executive of the IPF to account for engaging in activities which were very clearly contrary to law and for which there was and can be no justification. Whilst, by our exclusion, the IPF Executive has been able to sweep under the carpet the serious disciplinary complaints filed against current members of the Executive, some of the truth of its activities, which brought the IPF EC into conflict with Powerlifting Australia and the Oceania Powerlifting Federation, has now been laid bare in the judgment of the Court.
The Civil Court of Luxembourg also declared invalid the 2016 refusal by the General Assembly to ratify my nomination to the Executive Committee as representative of the Oceania region.
We will now pursue our rights.
My personal opinion is that this may help solidify the difference between drug tested and non tested federations. If Wilks can ensure that all affiliates of WP put a drug testing protocol into effect (if not already in place) then that will push the IPF further towards identification with non tested federations, as the main point of contention is that places like Australia and Canada have "real" drug testing, both in and out of competition, while many of the countries listed as IPF members don't.

I recently listened to an interview with Brett Gibbs whose opinion on drug testing seemed to be a bit confusing, as pointed out by the interviewers. On the one hand he was complaining about obvious (and not so obvious) drug cheats taking away his podium moments (similar to the furtive gold medal presentations made by the Olympic Committee after a medalist is busted) but on the other hand he was all for NZ not joining World Powerlifting. Those drug cheats ALL came from European countries with no, or token, drug testing programs. Even Gibbs pointed that out.

My guess is that Gibbs is having trouble coming to terms with his loyalties as opposed to realities. You know, like when a Republican's kid gets shot at school.
Something to keep you entertained during your cardio:


After a week full of drama and misinformation Robert Wilks clarifies everything.From winning the court case against the IPF to the future of World Powerlifting, Robert tells it like it is and doesn't hold back.
Take the time to listen to this extra long strengthcast, no questions go unanswered and Robert gives insight in to what's happening on the inside of Powerlifting politics.
We answered all of the main questions that were asked, but we will have Robert Wilks back on the strengthcast in the future to answer all of the missed questions.
Unsubstantiated thus far

The lack of drug testing among many European lifters (mostly Russia) is not a matter of debate. It's a fact. Countries are required to report all drug testing and that is presented as an annual report.


The lack of drug testing is the main point of contention in the IPF/PA dispute, although there are other matters as well, as mentioned in the podcast listed above.
things are fairly well advanced bro,its obvious Wilks was right and hes been rewarded with this outcome.Wouldnt surprise me if he overthrows Parage.

The gist I got from the podcast is that he really doesn't care any more about the IPF, at least as far as getting reinstated so that Australia can compete with them again. He has a new fed with international backing/members and is planning their next worlds in Calgary next year.

If he can prove his accusation(s) of corruption, that will go a long way in settling the dispute and just might pull the rug out from under the entire IPF.

The IPF is also firmly committed to getting into the olympics so all this is becoming a serious barrier to that happening. The IOC has had it's own embarrassing issues with corruption so any stank will be noted if and when a fed is chosen to compete on the olympic stage.

Of course, in the meantime, those that are paying are the lifters. Damn shame.
Try this:


The IPF have just told USAPL, the US IPF affiliate federation, that they must re-instate all positive drug tested lifters. Further, the IPF wants to take over the US national drug testing. This would send them broke as the cost is prohibitive to test all the lifters that the IPF want tested. Don't quote me on this, but I am under the impression that a single drug test is around the US$1000 mark. I'm happy to be corrected if that is way out of whack.

So, all lifters who have tested positive must be allowed to compete again and all lifts reinstated.
Further, one of the accusations against the IPF is that some members who are in charge of hotel choice and hotel bookings (lifters are restricted to stay only in a very short list of hotels during international IPF organized comps) have been, allegedly, been padding the bill. Now, if that is true (yet to be tested in a criminal trial), then one can only assume that the bill for drug tests will also be padded.

However, that's just an allegation at this stage. No criminal charges have been made against the IPF (yet) but you can understand the nervousness of the USAPL when they are told that all their tests don't measure up (which may or may not be true), that all banned lifters must be reinstated and that the IPF will take over deciding who, and when, US lifters are tested. Now if, allegedly, the bill might be padded, you can imagine why the USAPL are nervous about their future financial viability.

Just to be clear, some of the above are just rumours and allegations at this stage. That may change, or it may not.

However, taking a step back, it looks like the IPF is being run by some rather dictatorial guidelines, especially considering that some countries are not required (in real world terms) to drug test their lifters, either by state approved labs or third party labs. So I'm thinking that the IPF is cutting down the wrong tree.

I guess it will all come out in the wash.

Meanwhile, Marcos is having fun: https://www.instagram.com/p/BqYsbU9guRu/