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New member
Can someone advise please.
Started TestE earlier in the year. 1m a week.. Completed 2 bottles (10ml each) then was in hospital for an operation. Had 2 week break and started up with 2 new bottles. Same brand.
Injecting became painful in my glute and within 12 hours, I was severely corked and had flu like shivers and body aches. This floored me and lasted 3-4 days.. I retried the next week, very cautious with set up but injecting was the same, hard to push in and painful.
I tried the 2 bottle the week after - same thing..
Tried another brand (Test400) and the same thing.. I’ve persisted with .5ml shots but the same thing..
Could something of happened with my operation? Ie anesthetic reaction or ???
Ive tried hot shower before, massage before.. but still ends up the same..
Needles???? That’s the only other thing I can think of..
anybody had the same reaction?
Sorry for hijacking your thread...I'me getting the same reaction since I started. Initially I started Test E and was getting a corked muscle (regardless of injection site) for several days in significant pain. Switched to Test C and all was good for 2 weeks until Covid lockdown forced me to cut my cycle short. Then after lock down went straight to Test C and had pain from the start, then tried 2 brands of E and even Test P and the same every time, agin cut the xyxle shortto avoid further pain. Really frustrated. Hoping someone has an answer or even suggestion...

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