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New member
Got some dental work done last year in a small clinic. Clean, well run, very professional. Good work. I went to a hospital, which included dental, boob work, anything you can think of. Full upper and lower jaw x-ray: $25. Sheeeeeeit. It was bigger, cleaner and way more polite than any hospital I have been into here. Big bucks invested. I think that most, if not all, are trained in the US.

The hospital was part of a multi story complex which included a fancy hotel. Stay in the hotel, get yer tits done (or teeth, whatever), recoup at the pool for a week. All for well under 1/2 price.

Girl from my gym got her boobs done there at the same hospital I got my x-ray done. A great job, though I liked the originals better. Just me. She did it for work reasons ("dancer").

The stuff you see on the trash news programs are just dirt digging. Considering that "The Quality in Australian Health Care Study in 1995 estimated about 12,000 Australians were dying each year because of preventable events." I would not be too worried about getting done o/s.

You are doing the right thing, asking questions, looking for referrals. I can dig up the name of the hospital if you want.


YOLO Kunce
Yeah [MENTION=13432]WoodyAllen[/MENTION]; I wouldn't mind going there to get my teeth cosmetically aligned if its hell cheap, Not to mention checking out other 'patients' getting boob jobs and to be piled to the hilt on painkillers. Thats my kind of thai holiday!


Fridge Kunce
I also went for some dental work - same thing, small clinic, well run, service was great, quality of work is great and it was much less expensive than having it done here in AUS....


Standard kunce
Yeah I heard some good things about their dental work, when we are done with kids, we are doing a family holiday there for the missus to get a lift and maybe a small increase in size, hahaha, but if I even need some major dental work ill be heading over there for the work and a holiday, and will still be cheaper then getting it done here.

Does anyone know if it is covered under health insurance? I wouldn't have thought so, but then again....