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  1. spartacus

    Australian all-time heaviest raw bench press 285kg

  2. WoodyAllen

    450kg squat. Raw. Natty.

    Ray Williams in training. Current IPF (drug tested, proper depth, walked out. You know, real squatting!!) world record holder with a clean 438kg squat. The video below is posted as 1000lb so 452.5kg in real weight. The video attachment icon only lets me post the page. Sorry.
  3. A

    How long were you into lifting when you were able to bench your bodyweight?

    How long were you into lifting when you were able to bench your bodyweight?
  4. J

    Purchasing weight plates for home gym.

    Hey guys I'm looking to buy some olympic sized weight plates from gymdirect and I've noticed the variety of different sizes (25kg, 20kg). Was curious on what weight configuration do you guys recommend to get? Buy 2x25kg 2x20kg 2x15kg 2x10kg 2x2.5kg 2x1.25kg? Or any other configs you guys...
  5. Shrek

    "Eddie Hall 2016 WORLD RECORD DEADLIFT 465kg"

  6. spartacus

    AusBB pullup and chinup comps

    AusBB pullup thread. Each rep needs to be full range, and clip posted. Here is example of good form https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=34KzCLEgxCM Pullups (overhand) straight bar Taurus 22 reps, straight bar, 2 Aug. 2015, 98kg bodyweight. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8FLkrnQ0t-Y...
  7. BrisVegasGhost

    Expensive Dumbbells... 50k with shipping

    I have seen some gyms/fitness institutes have these dumbbells in Australia. Out of reach for the average user.... $38,638.37 for 5kg to 50kg Shipping is $13,137.05 Grand total: $51,775.45 http://watsongym.co.uk/product/watson-pro-dumbbells/ https://watsongym.co.uk/cart/?removed_item=1 13k...
  8. A

    105kg POWERLIFTER vs 128kg STRONGMAN - STRENGTH WARS 2k15 #2

    Patrik Baboumian, 128kg vegan Strongman battling 105kg Powerlifter Jiří Tkadlčík in a challenge including deadlifts, prowler & keg lifts! STRENGTH WARS 2k15 is back with the second episode from Berlin Strength. This Strongman competition faces powerlifter and strongman with following heavy run...
  9. A

    Vegan strongman up against a 105kg powerlifter

    STRENGTH WARS PUTS A 128KG VEGAN STRONGMAN UP AGAINST A 105KG POWERLIFTER – WHO DO YOU THINK WILL WIN? Strength Wars 2k15 is back with the second episode from Berlin Strength. Patrik Baboumian, a 128kg vegan Strongman goes head to head with a 105kg Powerlifter named Jiří Tkadlčík in a...
  10. N

    Pain from military press

    About two-3 years ago I broke my collar bone, would this have anything to do with the pain I experience in my left shoulder? It feels like all the muscles are pushing together and overlapping sometimes and it hurts and I have to stop training. Should I keep it light with the bar only until I can...
  11. A

    What's the most impressive thing you have seen someone do at your gym?

    What's the most impressive thing you have seen someone do at your gym?
  12. spartacus

    Tony Conyers, 57 years and 75kg, one of best powerlifters in world

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i0b4AR1kY-A over 700kg total raw
  13. spartacus

    NRL strongest player 2015

    http://www.heraldsun.com.au/sport/nrl/roosters-jared-waerea-hargreaves-claims-nrls-strongest-man-title/story-fni3gn3t-1227279835300 165kg power clean and 300kg deadlift.
  14. spartacus

    diet: deficit of 500 v 1000 calories?

    I have found that, even at my age (53) and zero PED use, I don't lose strength when on a 500 calorie deficit diet. 2011, bench went from 127.5 to 137.5 while going from 98.5 to 95kg. Here is a study summary of comparison between 500 and 1000 calorie deficit diet...
  15. A

    how strong is you front squat ?

    how does your front squat strength compare to your back squat ?
  16. A

    Kimberly Walford - Raw WR DL 232,5kg

    Kimberly Walford - Raw WR DL 232,5kg - YouTube Here's Kimberly C. Walford's WR DL of 232.2kg (512-pounds) en route to a 500kg (1,102-pounds) WR raw total today at the 2013 Commonwealth and Oceania Powerlifting Championships. — at Vodafone Events Centre. Video by Matt Gary.
  17. H

    Cheapest calibrated weight plates in Australia

    My 20kg weight plates are all 19kg to 19.4kg not only is this fruad it drives me mad. What are the cheapest calibrated weight plates available in Australia? I need to buy about 600kg worth.
  18. P

    You lift like a girl!!!

  19. kaz

    The Thread About Running....

    Any runners on the forum?
  20. walt

    For sale - $70 for 5kg - Brisbane

    Hey, I'm selling 5kg of natural flavor WPC for $70. Im giving this 2 days before i sell it on ebay.