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  1. A

    Munchie Tuesdays - Five Foods You Always Have Around

    What are the five most important foods always in your fridge/pantry? The ones you ALWAYS have to have
  2. A

    How many snacks/unhealthy foods do you allow yourself?

    how many unhealthy foods do you allow yourself (per day, week, month, etc) things like french fries, cookies, ice cream, hamburgers, kebabs, grilled cheese, etc
  3. Frogman

    In what world is this for real ???

    I'm sure many of you have better pics .. Synth , oil . and anything else to inject in Bulge .. A whole generation are in to it .. Dumb KUNTZZ!!
  4. A

    What is your absolute favorite way of eating cottage cheese?

    What is your favorite way to have it????
  5. A

    What do you like on your pizza?

    does pineapple belong on a pizza?
  6. S

    Cottage cheese & Spinach filo rolls

    Been smashing these bad boys for a mid morning snack. bulk cook. 1 Bunch of silver-beet chopped up 700g Cottage cheese, i was 50g short but no biggie. - ie use 3 250g tubs 4 eggs 2 cloves crushed garlic 1 onion chopped Salt and pepper - But remember the cottage cheese is dam salty so go easy...
  7. S

    Cottage Cheese Sodium

    Just noticed this...... 524mg per 125G thats a pretty siazable ammount, considering i eat about 300g of the stuff. Mixed views on this, It is something to worry about?
  8. pumpiniron

    Molly mcbutter cheese sprinkles? ok through aussie customs?

    Molly McButter Cheese Sprinkles 3 bottles | eBay Mate over in america, has this non stop on his egg whites and shit....... he reckons it is the fuckin bomb..... This may me a stupid question cause i am very unaware of aussie customs and so on..... but would they let this in?. Thanx If so im...
  9. chocchillimango

    Chilli Cheese Stuffed Bullhorn/Jalapenos (Kangaroo)

    for lovers of chilli and roo meat, this is an awesome recipe! Nutritional info: Calories: 300 Protein: 34.2g Fat: 3.4g Carbs: 23g (5g Net) Fibre: 18g NoCheating! Clean but indulgent recipes for buff fitness buffs: Chilli & cheese stuffed bullhorn & jalapeno peppers
  10. DKD

    Melted Cheese vs Bacon

    I love melted cheese. On anything. Jaffles, toast, beef nachos, omelettes, pizzas....especially pizzas.....GTFO with your pizza if it ain't got no melted cheese on it. I love bacon. In embarrassingly vast quantities. When I go to hotel breakfast buffets, during work trips or on...
  11. F

    Can someone explain some things about cottage cheese, casein and whey to me?

    Okay, I've read up on the wonders of cottage cheese, but there are a few things I would like to clear up first. Please correct me if I'm wrong on anything: Cottage cheese is mostly casein and a small amount of whey. As such, a whey powder supplement is required. All of your casein needs...
  12. S

    Skimmed (low fat) Cottage Cheese!

    Dear readers, Im from Holland, and going to study abroad. In Hollands its kind of a habbit to eat fat free (skimmed) Cottage cheese. Avarage Nutrition value Carbohydrates: 2.5 Protein: 9.5 Fat: 0,1 One simple question, is this kind of product available in Australia/NewZealand?? Cheers
  13. Iron Alliance

    Protein Citrus Cheese Cake

    What you need: * 2000g Skim Quark (if you can't get it, try cottage cheese) * 7 eggs * 2.5 pks sugar free vanilla pudding powder (95g) * 2 pks vanilla sugar (16g) * 1 pk baking powder (15g) * 3 ml citrus oil/aroma * a good shot of citrus juice * 125g low-fat (28%) margarine *...
  14. S

    Cottage Cheese Connaisseurs

    Sadly Dairy Farmers and Woolworths will stop producing their cottage cheese products. I only found this out today and it's terribly disappointing - we already have such a limited range of CC products compared to the USA (What's fat free CC? Oh, that stuff they don't make in Aus) and now the only...
  15. A

    quark over cottage cheese?

    quark is low in carbohydrate as well as fat, unlike cottage cheese which has almost twice the sugar - and a lot of protein. Anyone else eat it? Or have recipes to make it taste better? haha
  16. M

    Cottage Cheese...

    Does anyone have any tasty ways of eating cottage cheese?? I've mixed it with Jam and it's too sweet, I've mixed it with frozen raspberries, and it was too bitter and sour and made me wanna throw up, and I've eaten it on it's own, and.... YUCK. I like the idea of how good low fat cottage...
  17. J

    Cottage cheese (split from the 1700 cal food plan thread)

    This is off topic, but where does everyone buy there cottage cheese? I see people eating 250g each night or 500g as Noobs does. I can only find a 350g tub at the largest!
  18. howzit

    Cottage Cheese or Protein Shake b4 bed?

    What should I take? 250g of cottage cheese before bed or a protein shake with milk? I managed to score a couple of tubs of 500g cottage cheese for $1.80 from wollies yesturday, expires on the 6th of August. Still plenty of time :P
  19. T

    Plain cottage cheese is boring...... what to add?

    How do you eat your cottage cheese? For the first week (started new diet 2 weeks ago), it was plain from the tub. Last night I added a small tin of tuna to the tub, just for convenience and to make it quicker. I was pleasantly suplised that the whole thing ended up tasting like smooth tuna...
  20. B

    Australian Cottage Cheese Sux?

    Hello, I have been eating cottage cheese every night before bed for a couple of weeks now but am wondering if i am eating the right stuff. All the supermarkets i go to only have coles homebrand low fat cottage cheese and weight watchers low fat cottage cheese. Australia doesnt seem to stock no...