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  1. A


  2. A

    Landlords pay the price of druggie tenants

    Running a drug lab often leaves tell-tale signs. Source: Supplied IT’S every property owner’s worst nightmare. Just this week almost 100 kilograms of amphetamine-type substances, manufacturing equipment and $2.5...
  3. A

    Luxury renovations for Prime Minister Tony Abbott at Kirribilli House

    TONY Abbott has spent more than $120,000 overhauling Kirribilli House since winning the election - including $13,000 on a family room rug. The makeover of the Prime Minister's official Sydney residence includes $64,988 of landscaping advice relating to dilapidated paths...
  4. H

    Cheapest calibrated weight plates in Australia

    My 20kg weight plates are all 19kg to 19.4kg not only is this fruad it drives me mad. What are the cheapest calibrated weight plates available in Australia? I need to buy about 600kg worth.
  5. B

    price check on used weight plates

    just wondering if you guys would give me a rough idea on what price one should be looking to pay for used weights Olympic size and no name branded? is there a rough price per kg there worth? or say a 20kg plate = $$ just looking for some ball park figures
  6. S

    Low Test, The Testo clinic??

    Hey Guys, I've been working towards a goal for over 2-3 years now. That goal is to put on some decent size and maintain a healthy life. I've seen a number of nutritionist, Personal Trainers and Doctors.... To try keep a long story short. A few years back i really started putting in 110%...
  7. B

    Australia Post Price Increases

    Bulk Nutrients is happy to announce that we will not be passing on any increases due to Australia Post's recent parcel price rises. Being Australia Post's largest Tasmanian parcel customer, we get very competitive rates with Australia Post and our increases in fees this time around have...
  8. P

    Ironedge v Force USA Adjustable Kettlebell

    Anyone have any experience with these products ? Just wondering which one is better Force USA Adjustable Kettlebell - Up to 32kg and 32kg Adjustable Kettlebell - Iron Edge Fitness Equipment - Train Smarter
  9. B

    WPI Price Rise as of July 1st

    As you are aware, the shortage of WPI stocks in Australia have lead to considerable price rises. Since early 2012 we have had a price rise of 17.6% in the cost of our raw WPI, up until this point we have absorbed that rise and have not passed it on to our customers. As it appears that the...
  10. M

    Force USA F-PC Power Rack

    My 1st post is a question sorry :eek: I'm seriously considering getting this rack as it looks pretty solid but the weight ratings seem a bit exaggerated. Could any owners tell me the pros and cons of this unit. Also if anyone has the lat pulldown, is it of good quality ?. Thanks, Marcus
  11. NightFallTech

    which low-mid price aussie supplied barbell?

    Wondering which mid/low priced ($200) barbell to get for basic squats, bench and deadlifts. Options appear to be 7ft Olympic Barbell Thrust Bearings 1500lbs 220cm Olympic Barbell_Thrust Bearing_Rated 600kg Iron Edge 20kg Economy Barbell - Iron Edge Fitness Equipment - Train Smarter (I'm...
  12. kaz

    Gym Shoes Thread

    What footwear are you wearing for your workouts? Recommendations, wish list, what to avoid... Don't forget to mention your lifting style:cool:
  13. Big Mick

    Half Price Vitamins !!!!!

    Just for everyones info Chemist Warehouse has 50% off all Vitamins at the moment!! So if you use any vitamin supplements it's a good time to stock up. You can also order on line, great savings as you can buy twice as much. Here is the link: Chemist Warehouse - Vitamins PS I do not work for...
  14. KungFooGoo

    World Fitness Quality / Price

    Gym Equipment - Fitness Equipment, Home Gym Equipment, Commercial Gym Equipment, Buy Cheap Fitness Equipment Has anyone else had experience with 'World Fitness'? I've bought nearly my entire home setup from them and found them quite cheap and the quality seems good enough for where I’m at, at...
  15. DKD


    Do you like it, hate it, want to sign up, want to cancel? My main reason for sticking with it is so I can catch the Aussie cricket team on overseas tours. Apart from that I really only watch (occasionally) Inside Edge, Back Page and sometimes the pisspoor Aussie boxing in fkn RSL clubs. My kid...
  16. Christian

    Wher too buy for good price...

    Looking at getting a good belt. Preferably one with a ratchet style mechanism as used one for the first time today (daniels) and was a pain to undo and do up between sets. Where can i get one for a good price im really strapped $$$ wise. Any reccomendations?
  17. leachy94

    Fair price for weights?

    Is just under 2$/ kilo a fair price to pay for weight plates? cheers
  18. O

    Best price on weight?

    Looking to buy some Olympic size, rubber coated plates, whats the best price you guys can do $/kg? I've bought all my gear from you guys so far, couldn't be happier :)
  19. A

    Gaspari SizeOn Price Drop!

    Hi guys/girls The Gaspari SizeOn is one of our top selling products and with an increased degree of turnover, we've been able to slash the cost of it from $97 to $79.70 - the cheapest I have come across. So, just wanted to let you guys know about this. Product info at: Gaspari SizeOn 1290g...
  20. A

    Optimum 100% Whey Price Drop!

    Hey guys/girls Good news - we've just dropped our prices on two of our top 10 best sellers - Optimum 100% Whey in the 4.7kg and 2.3kg prices. The Optimum is a WPI/WPC mix in a variety of flavours (we have all Aussie flavours in stock at present, except Strawberry in the 4.7kg which just sold...