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Me too. I think the next couple of terms might be very tricky in federal politics. I'd hate to have Shorten running the show if it gets difficult.


Fucked up Kunce
Shorten will be dumped wither way. If he looses he's gone if he wins he'll get dumped just like Rudd and Gillard before him half way through first term.
When was the last labour leader to retire on his terms?


Active member
Shorten may suffer here in victoria after the state governments fuckup with the cfa/mfb.

Yeah, federal aint state and it shouldn't matter but unions is unions and labor is labor.

Makes no fucking difference to me living in a very safe labor seat.


Well-known member
one of the most boring campaigns ever; Coaliiton should win but Aust's best days are probably over.


Fucked up Kunce
One of the campaign posters I've seen up here in Brisbane reads:
"Democracy not Islam"

Such strong posters.


Boring as batshit campaign compared to the US Presidential run and Brexit. Shorten has the personality of a damp teatowel, the Coalition will get in again, possibly with a smaller margin. The real interesting one will be the Senate.


If the senate ends up being the same result as last time and we get years on inaction due to blocking of legislation, it'll be so annoying.


Fucked up Kunce
On the flip side if the Gov has a senate majority every bullshit legislation gets through.