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LJK (what's your name by the way?),

You've asked me about Beta-alanine. This baby is one of the magic tools we have at our finger tips. Seriously, with aids like this, who needs caffeine!

Beta alanine is great for your workout due to the way it boosts another essential ingredient that loves nothing more than to munch on the hydrogen ions caused by your muscle contractions. It boosts a molecule composed of the amino acids histidine and alanine called carnosine, or as I like to call it, the “HI muncher". OK, so why is that important you ask? It's because when the HI level raise, something in the muscles drops; that something is the pH level. The acidity in the muscle rises which goes toward slowing your workout down, endurance and intensity wise.

Carnosine thanks to B-alanine, goes on to restore the pH to its normal levels and hence enables LJK to blast through his workout. And since every single workout counts toward the bigger goal of being freaky, then one can not afford to have a lousy rep let alone a set or a whole workout.

I'd take 1g before and 1g after the workout. I'm not crazy about huge dosages with anything. If 1 or 1.5g works...then it works!

Nearly forgot, as for the choline and Inositol, 1g of each before your workout. Your mind will become clearer. I'm a great believer that if your mind is in the right place, then everything would have to follow. Always start with the central computer that controls all else!

Just so you know, don't believe the hype re choline/Inositol doing anything for your fat mass. It's your brain mass that these two chemicals work on!



Thanks for the above advice and comments, I currently use b-alanine and have found it to be a great sup ( pins and needles only lasted a week)

It seems to help me avoid the burn outs i used to have in the gym, I now seem to be able to pump out more reps and really get the muscles pumping.. could just be in my mind! But Ill take it..

Im going to add the other supps that you reccommended, will update on how that goes..




Active Member, June10MOTM
i havnt read everything fadi but i drink about cups of green tea a day is this a bad thing then because of the caffeine?


New member
Do Starting Strength and throw in some Incline Benches and your moobs WILL shrink. I am living proof, they are disappearing more and mroe every week!

Guts still there though haha.