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A walk down memory lane. Still makes me lol.

Two of Ausbb's greats - CT and Baz :D
Usually high fat. Maybe i should try low fat. I used to love cereal and i got muesli in the cupboard going to waste......
hehe. i remember this one.

The part where we dont get any of the calcium from the milk was glorious. My bones would be fucked.

I still drink a tonne of milk. Its fucken great. i'd average about 4L per week i reckon. Delicious.
Why? Went years and years wuthout?
I've never stopped drinking it since I was a kid. Can still drink it by the litre. Lol

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The lactose.... disagrees with me.
Sure. It's common.

Im just curious as to when that started. I'm guessing you stopped drinking it, then tried again years later and it wasn't liked.

Actually happened to me with Eggs funnily enough. I got past it with some gentle and very slow reintroduction, but yeah.

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I didn’t realise until I was in my mid twenties.
I just thought the farts and the stomach upset stomach was due to excessive protein.
Protein bombs I called them.