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Fucked up Kunce
Here we post what we are eating.
Let's share with others what we put down our throats.
Even better if you can throw up a pic.
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My pre-workout meal. Mince, kidney beans and rice.

Yesterday I ate:

Large Latte
Blueberries and Whey Rice Milk Shake 2 tbsps of whey
1 Banana
1 Apple
3 tabs of Fish oil

11:30AM bought outside
Teriyaki Chicken Vietnamese Banh Mi
2 Prawn Cold Rolls
1 Mega B Vitamin

bought outside
Protein Cookie (Max's)
Double shot macchiato


TRAINING - Abs and lower back today.

1 fillet of pan fried salmon
Large handful of steamed green beans
50gms Ricotta

150mls youghurt
350mls rice milk
2tbsp of whey


Today I ate (all from home)

1/2 cup Milk boiled Porridge with Cinnamon and Salt
Oat Milk Shake, 2 tbsp sustagen, 2 tbsp Whey, 1 Banana
3 caps fish oil

Apple while walking to work with Creatine

1 Toasted 50gms Ham/100gms Cheese/half a Tomato Sandwich on Rye
50gms of pumpkin seeds
English Bfast tea with milk
1 Mega B Vitamin

Muesli Bar (Carman's)
200gms Yoghurt with passionfruit extract
Green Tea

2 tbsp wheywater

Large serving of green beans
Spinach and Ricotta Pastry i made and froze about 100gms in each fillo
1 Little creatures pilsner (cmon its Thursday my only rest day!)

I will have:
150gms yoghurt
305mls Oat milk
2 tbsp of whey
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Should add i snack on almonds through the day and usually put a dollop of cottage cheese on most meals.
I'm ready to bring out the popcorn. I like my popcorn on Friday nights while watching the footy.
Nothing fancy.

Breakfast, 0700
750 calories, 25g protein, 18g fat
- oats with honey
- glass of milk

Lunch, 1200
varies a lot, but averages 600cal, 10g protein, 10g fat
- sandwich with roast vegetables
- pasta/rice with vegetables
- vegetable soup & bread
and of course fruit

Post-workout snack, 1700
380cal, 29g protein, 26g fat
- three eggs mixed with 300ml milk
- fruit

Dinner, 1830
averages 600cal, 10g protein, 10g fat
- similar to lunch, usually dinner leftovers make lunch tomorrow
and yes, fruit

Thus in all, 2,330cal, 74g protein, 64g fat

Common lunch/dinner meals are,
- yellow pea dahl with rice
- pumpkin soup
- minestrone
- vegetarian chilli (lots of tomato and beans) with rice or tortillas
- vegetable pasta sauce & pasta
- tuna pasta sauce
- stir-fried vegies with noodles
- curry laksa with eggplant and chicken

For indulgence snacks I have plain biscuits (arrowroot, etc) with coffee, cooking chocolate, licorice. I choose these because they're sweet and nice, but I find I don't scoff heaps of them. I'll have two biscuits, or four little blocks of chocolate and be happy. They add about 100cal and 5g of fat a day, but I don't have them every day.

I do drink coffee, but don't smoke, and while I love beer and wine, in practice I only have it about two days a month - some party I go to, and/or some dinner I host. And then I have at most four standard drinks.

The calories are a bit low, however I have some body fat to lose. It's been effective. I was 83kg @ 178cm tall in February, and am 77-78kg now, with waist measurement going from 95cm to 85cm. At the moment I'm still happily building strength and muscular size, but I expect I might have to boost the protein later on.

It's not necessary. Research shows that people on the RDA for protein (0.8g protein per kg bodyweight) can build muscle mass with regular strength training. [Source:- Campbell, W. W., et al. 1995. Effects of resistance training and dietary protein intake on protein metabolism in older adults. American Journal of Physiology 268: E1143 -53.]

Strength athletes seem to do well on twice the amount.

So, as a rank beginner weighing (now) 77-78kg I'd need 62g protein, as a powerlifter or bodybuilder I'd need 134g - though of course I'd weigh more then, so more like 150g.

At this stage, I am not a complete beginner, but nor am I a "strength athlete" - I'm still in that starting groove. So a bit above RDA is good. Less would slow me down, more would just get pooed and pissed out. I am gaining muscle mass, strength and fitness, and losing fat. I also find that high carbs earlier in the day gives me energy for my afternoon workout, and protein later in the day helps me recover from it.

So the diet is working. If it ain't broke, don't fix it :D

As I pass out of the starting groove I'll increase protein intake. It's just not needed now.
Shrek you must be a muscle monster because i dont eat much protien and i can lift fairly heavy at least i think i can. You should start a diary so we can see how your going Im sure lots of people would use it as a reference for their own routines.
I go for 40gms (approx) of protein per meal. I eat 6-7 meals per day. I don't think that's a lot of protein just average for a BB.
Im eating hot chips right now, with lots of salt and a 600ml coke.

Chips with coke hey, sounds similar to eating chicks with co_ks.

Dreds, you need one of these vending mahines in your house !!!

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I want a vending machine. But id stick soda or choclate and candy in it. That way when my friends come over i can charge them for snacks.

What is it the kingswood country guy used to say "leave the money on the fridge"
Phuck me "dred, you really are hardcore.
Might go get me some cips too, with salt and drowned with vinegar.
Phuck chicken and vegies.
Breakfast was a bacon and egg muffin, a Bacon and tomato wrap and a large Ice Break - Oh yeah!
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