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  1. JackBody

    Please, check my diet!

    Hello! Please rate my diet. Can I fix something? On an empty stomach 200 ml of warm water. We eat in 20-30 minutes. Potatoes (breakfast)! Skimmed milk. ❗️ Remove fried! Beef, chicken, turkey - baked, stewed without oil, boiled or grilled. Fish can be all except mackerel and herring. Red...
  2. A

    quick carbs / protein

    does anyone here subscribe to the quick release protein / carbs (such as white potatos, white bread and peanut butter etc? straight after a workout to get a quick boost?
  3. Fadi

    Whey protein vs white bread..., don't fool yourself!

    Hang on a sec mate. Whey protein and white bread in the same sentence, and if that wasn't enough, you're pitching one against the other? It's got to be some joke right? No, no joke here. If I was talking protein, then yes sure, it would be the joke of the century, however I'm talking about...
  4. Repacked

    FYI Low carb protein bread, pancakes & others..**15% Discount**

    Some interesting stuff if your diet requires... https://theproteinbreadco.com.au/ ***Ausbb discount *** ausbb15
  5. Repacked

    Stick to dust...

  6. B

    December 2015 Newsletter - our latest updates

    Hey there! Remember when we dropped our flat rate shipping from $12 to $7 earlier this year? Well, for December we thought we’d take it a step further and give you free shipping on orders over $250! If you need to stock up on supplements to get you through the festive season, now’s the time...
  7. S


    I cant believe no ones reviewed this! such a great product! what is it: Carbohydrate formula Cost: 770g $49 or 1.9kg $85 or the large buckets $130+ What does it do: delivers dietary carbohydrates (duh) smell: unflavoured- smells nutty like almonds... i like it :) taste: unflavoured- a bit like...
  8. Repacked

    General food related banter

    I thought I'd move here rather than hijack the other thread. It was from Qld, from a shop called 'The Source', bulk health foods type place, and I know there is actually one at Prahran but The banana flour doesn't come up on their website so I'd say it's not a core product but one that is...
  9. Headley

    'Food babe' outed

    http://www.smh.com.au/lifestyle/diet-and-fitness/food-babe-blogger-called-out-for-pseudoscience-20150408-1mggil.html Another day, another "health" blogger exposed. American health blogger Vani Hari (aka "The Food Babe") has been called out for making pseudoscientific claims in an article...
  10. jzpowahz

    Helgas lower carb bread

    2 slices. 193 cals 11P/20C/6F 4.6g fibre Don't know if I'm late to party but just found out about this. About half total cals compared to "normal" bread. Tastes like bread to me :) Can eat twice as much for same cals. Aaaaawwwwww yeah. #inb4wheatbelly
  11. A

    who bakes their own bread?

    Thinking about buying a bread making machine. Anyone got any recommendations? Is it worthwile?
  12. S

    Brown vs White bread

    So i brined and smoked about 5kg of chicken breast on the weekend so i can have my shredded smoked chicken and mayo sandwiches as a snack at work I got a loaf of brown bread from the local viet baker. I check the nutritional label..... More then double the carbs compared to white of multi...
  13. chocchillimango

    Chocolate Banana Protein Bread

    Nice soft chocolate banana bread for breakfast. Great with butter, smashed bananas on top, or almond/walnut/peanut butter or makes a bitchin' French toast :D It's not cake .. more proper breakfast bread. Macros below the recipe Recipe link:Chocolate Banana Protein Bread | Chocolate Chilli...
  14. chocchillimango

    Low Carb Almond Bread

    Hey, if anyone is looking for a low carb bread that helps to meet their daily calorie intake (like me) but with a good dose of protein and great healthy fats ... have I got the protein bread for you :-) Really easy to make and much nicer than just popping raw almonds to get the kCals up. No...
  15. L

    Is rye bread a good choice?

    I cant stand multigrain bread, it tastes like shit to me. Just wondering if rye bread would be a ideal choice? Basically looking for the closest unrefined bread choice that does not taste like crap to me. thanx
  16. chocchillimango

    Omega-3 Protein Bread

    Here's a nice way to get some extra protein and some extra omega-3s into your diet ... plus it's bread and it's lower in carbs than grain bread. It's grain, yeast, gluten, lactose, sugar, nut and badness free. Fats are almost totally the good omega-3 and mono-unsaturated kind and carbs are the...
  17. P

    Essene Ezekial Bread

    A lot of people on BB.COM say this is a great source of carbs. Its about $10 a loaf in health stores. 1kg bread which is: Calories 2353 Total Fat 14.7g Total Carbs. 411.8g Dietary Fiber 88.2g Protein 117.6g So 2 slices is: Calories 160 Total Fat 1g Total Carbs. 28g Dietary Fiber 6g...
  18. J

    Wheat Bread

    Anyone know the name of the bread that i can find at coles or woolworths? Looking for particularly Wheat. I'm using a type with oats in it, but id rather Wheat (for mornings) Thanks
  19. jzpowahz

    Pumpkin/banana protein bread

    Pumpkin/Banana Protein Bread 9 serves 149 cals 13/20/1 150g Flour/Pancake Mix (both work) 1 Egg 2 White 125ml skim Milk 300g Pumpkin 80g Banana 80g apple sauce 8g Sf/FF banana Pudding 1tspn Splenda 1tspn Cinnamon 1tspn nutmeg 1tspn Baking Powder 80g Vanilla Whey Topping 200ml low fat yoghurt...
  20. jzpowahz

    banana/pb/choc/cinnamon protein bread & butter pudding

    Ingredients 4 slices white bread (or pick whatever you want) 2 medium bananas 2 tsbpns natural peanut butter 1 tbspn cinnamon 1 tspn unsweetened cocoa 1 egg 2 egg whites 2 cups skim milk 1 scoop protein powder (flavour is optional but I used chocolate) Directions: 1. Spread PB on bread & chop...