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Administrator. Graeme
Staff member
Think of a powerlifter, and you probably don’t imagine: “94-year-old Florida grandma.” But not all powerlifters look like Arnold Schwarzenegger, and some are retirees.
Edith Traina is a 94-year-old Floridian with a real passion for heavy weights. While she' s just six years short of 100, that hasn’t stopped the courageous lady from pursuing her powerlifting passion. Traina recently told FOX13 Tampa that she started powerlifting at the ripe age of 91, after being dragged to the gym by a friend.
“She dragged me kicking and screaming to the gym, and I figured I'd keep her happy for a while and get her off my back, but I got hooked,” Traina said.
Traina is a self-described “world champion” with big plans to rack up even more awards. So far, she’s participated in more than a dozen competitions, and hopes to be able to lift 200 lbs by the time she’s 100. Though it’s good for her health, it’s the emotional pay-off that makes the work worth it.

“With this, I just walk up, lift it, put it down. I get all these applause, great for the ego,” she told FOX13.
Traina makes it sound simple—but powerlifting can cause serious injuries, such as muscle tears, broken bones, and dislocations. For many people in their nineties (or their eighties/thirties/twenties), the risks are real, and the exercise, excruciating. Traina suffers from COPD, but that hasn’t stopped her from working out 3 days a week.
Get ready to feel threatened by watching Traina lift in the videos below.



YOLO Kunce
Crikey I am actually extremely impressed by this granny's accomplishments! In my mind most 90+ year olds are in nursing homes being spoon fed liquid meals laced with benzos that run straight to their oversized diapers, where they get to indulge in their favourite pastime of fending off the advances of predatory night janitors with their carbon fibre zimmer frames. What a role model for all weary cougars wanting to level up in their advancing years.