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  1. A

    What are you guys doing for your grip strength?

    What are you guys doing for your grip strength?
  2. K

    Half rack or squat stand

    So decided just build up a gym in the backroom, planning make a lifting platform but was wondering about this rack not sure if it be snap city or Im just better off getting a squat stand. Half rack / Squat Rack S1 - World Fitness Force USA Squat Stands | Gym Equipment
  3. P

    improving squats and deads 5x5 hitting wall

    Hey all, new to the forum but have been on and off weight training for several years. I've been consistently at it about 8 months now and have hit a very low wall on squats and dead lifts.. I've been doing 5*5 with dead/press one day, squat and bench the other. Usually twice each workout each...
  4. U

    Do you Hate Deadlifts too? Some really great tips and information for deads here

    I read this article today and I think it has some excellent information and tips for beginners and maybe more Here is the link so click it already
  5. H

    Hack Squats or deficit deads for Deads assistance

    Currently doing my own modified version of Kortes 3x3 Powerlifting routine. As part of the routine you are to do deads 3x a week at low weight, high volume. which for me was okay because my max dead is about 150kg. however the volume for deads and squats 3x a week is starting to get a bit too...
  6. B

    Sumo Deads

    Converting to sumo who has done it, what were you reasons for making the switch from conventional. When you switched were you pulling more weight sumo or conventional? How do you incorporate it into your training pull exclusively sumo? Hit me with your info/stories/advice. Thanks in advance
  7. B

    Trap Bar Deads

    Had a play with these the other day. What are peoples thoughts on them? Have read some people say its more like a squat than a deadlift but I didnt notice that. I seem to feel it a lot in my back especially lower back and lats. Which is strange because a lot of the negativity towards it is...
  8. V

    Squats / Deads after surgery

    Hey All, Another noob to the forum. I've had a few years experience lifting weights, but not much much for the past 10 years. 2 years ago I hiked the Bibbulmun track. It was awesome but 300kms in, I started getting knee pain. Being the stubborn bugger I am i kept going for the remainder...
  9. M

    Shoes for squats, deads etc

    What shoes should I wear? I'm currently just wearing my runners but I would think that stability might be an issue. What shoes should I buy for lifting? Preferably cheap
  10. Paullie

    Drop Deads

    There has been quite a bit of discussion on drop deads on my brothers FB profile so I thought I'd extend the conversation to here. If anyone doesn't know what a drop dead is: YouTube - Muscle Pit - Drop Deads (Deadlifts) I included drop deads in my routine for 4 weeks, to prepare for the...