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  1. K

    Any advice for really really weak people?

    I'm very weak. I work up a sweat and get fatigued using machines on the lowest weight available. I've been living a sedentary life for a lttle over a decade. However, I'm not sure if that accounts for how weak I am/feel. Maybe I've got something wrong medically, but nothing has shown up in...
  2. S

    Lunch on the run..........on the walk

    I work and office job, I workout before work and sit all day. I was thinking of heading out for a walk on my lunch breaks and looking for ideas to eat on the walk. Currently for lunch I eat baked chicken and steamed veggies (birdseyes ones) and eat at my desk. I need the microwave and bowls and...
  3. simo74

    Bodyweight conditioning ideas or challenges ?

    So this old git need to get his body moving again. Want to add some conditioning sessions in early morning to fire up the metabolism and get moving. Looking for some ideas boys, quick conditioning sessions or challenges. What have you got for me !?
  4. I

    🎅*XMAS VIP Specials #2 - Amazing Gift Ideas! Ends Friday - Check It Out*🎄

    🎅*XMAS VIP Specials #2 - Amazing Gift Ideas! Ends Friday - Check It Out*🎄 Check it AUSBB :) support@irontanks.com.au for any questions or queries!
  5. zayd687

    Motivation help

    hi guys, Need some advice on getting back into training. What do you guys do for motivation? I Struggle to train more then 3 times a week. i usually fit in about 1-2 days of workouts which is basically squatting 1-3 rep max's then doing some strength work with Clubs / sledge hammer etc. I...
  6. Headley

    Need a new routine

    Hi guys, i now live in a combined martial arts/weights gym, i have access to: - squat/smith machine cage - cable rower - cable cross over - flat and incline benches - leg press - heaps of dumbells - lots of barbells and stacks of weights I want to focus on my arms especially but all over my...
  7. A

    Storing a Barbell outside...Ideas inside. Advice?

    not fully outside it is under patio , but does anyone keep their equipment outside ?
  8. Goosey

    The Internet and the good and bad

    It's provided a flood of information, (can't remember excactly when I got on board) a lot of which is just regurgitating crapola. for yourself, list the top 3 people you consider has change your thinking for the better and why if you please. for me? 1 Dan John, although I don't follow...
  9. A

    Garden Shed Gyms?

    Given a Heavy Duty Concrete Floor,What is the Minimum size Shed for a Pretty Good Gym? What would be your Minimum Equipment? Any Innovative Ideas? Guesstimated Cost?
  10. Repacked

    Help finding song

    I cannot remember for the life of me the name of this song or the artist. If I heard the bands name or the chorus I would recognise it. Mental blank. If anyone has an idea please post the name. Check your ideas against the video clip on YT to avoid a long list of random suggestions please...
  11. E

    Need Suggestions.

    Guys, I need some suggestions about niagara falls and thousand islands 2-day tour. I am a great lover of travelling and like to visit natural sights. My cousin suggests me to have a Niagara fall tour. But I have no idea about it. I think you guys like to share cool ideas with me. Waiting for...
  12. H

    Grossest smelling/looking food that tastes good

    So i understand that this might be a tall order as a high percentage of taste is smell :p But recently my work colleagues are complaining that my food smells "disgusting" currently eating lean mince, spinach, brown rice with jalepenos and garlic mixed through. tastes fine i don't really care...
  13. Repacked


    Anyone got some good ideas for neck exercises without requiring a head strap? Bands?
  14. Davepuppies

    Keto diet - advice and ideas

    Morning all, I saw a specialist about my sleep and digestive issues yesterday, and in consultation with another top prep coach have been diagnosed with small intestinal bacterial overgrowth / leaky gut. i start a protocol of digestive enzymes, mucous membrane protection and rebuilding through...
  15. Jungnaut

    GHR Substitute Ideas?

    I don't have access to a glute ham raise (GHR) at my gym at the moment but would like to start doing them. I've traversed the internet for some ideas on ideas on how to perform this exercise with other machines/contraptions but haven't found them to be satisfactory. For example someone said do...
  16. Jungnaut

    Need Ideas on Cooking A Whole Eye Fillet

    So I got a nice big piece of whole eye fillet steak from Harvey Beef today. Any cooking ideas? I have in my mind slicing them up thickly, wrapping and dunking them in a 56 degc sous vide water bath for an hour, followed by a quick sear at the grill. Served with some grilled vegies on the side...
  17. J

    Breakfast ideas

    My breakfasts suck, I dont drink milk and im not a big egg man..what can i eat? Needs to be easyish
  18. R

    Living room and Kitchen painting ideas?

    I want to paint my living room a beige color and decorate it in primitives like reds and dark blues. I would like to paint our kitchen a sage green and have it wine themed. My question is will these two themes and colors go well together? The house is open so you can see the kitchen from the...
  19. S

    Meal Ideas

    Gday. Gonna try the 5-6 small meals a day for a while to see how it goes. Has to include a lean protein and veggies. Just looking for suggestions on meals that people have used and are pretty simple to knock up.
  20. Swervyn-Ervyn

    Lunch ideas?

    Does anyone have any good ideas for cold packed lunches?? Preferably fairly low carb, I try to save most of my carbs for night