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  1. Shrek

    Fucoxanthin for weight loss

    Fucoxanthin for weight loss. Weight Loss Fucoxanthin is being explored for weight loss. So far, only animal studies have been done. Japanese researchers have found that fucoxanthin (isolated from wakame) promotes the loss of abdominal fat in obese mice and rats. Animals lost five to 10% of...
  2. M

    Female training/weight loss and breast size

    Hi all, I sent out an email yesterday to mates etc offering to train them (for the experience - I graduate this year). One of the replies I got was from a female friend who has a number of goals, one being to lose some weight, but not from her boobs. My understanding is that while fat may be...
  3. D

    What's your best method for fat loss?

    What do you guys like to do for optimal fat loss? Exercise wise, macronutrient wise, supplement wise and so on. Personally I like HIIT and walking exercise wise. Between 10 to 30 seconds work and up to 60 seconds rest depending on work time, fitness level etc. I also like to go fully to the...
  4. Shrek

    [Rugby] Rugby League & Rugby Union discussions.

    The 2010 season is upon us finally. After missing the finals series last season because I was in Europe it has made me even more eager for this season to commence. Here are the latest odds. Parramatta Eels 6.00 Melbourne Storm 7.00 Canterbury Bulldogs 7.50...
  5. R

    Types of cardio besides treadmill/walk = bit of variety. that wont cause muscle loss

    Ive had a good read through here and am looking at hearing some info from you guys on this. Im in the middle of my cutting diet, trying to loose around 3kg more, around lower stomach area/ abs sides. Happy with the way its going on the rest of the body, but wish I could isolate it to my gut...
  6. K

    Fat Loss and Beer??!!!

    Gents (& ladies), I consume about 4 - 6 beers on a given week. Some weeks it maybe 2 less some 2 more. What's the effect on loosing fat and putting on muscle whilst consuming beer in this range? Thanks Devante.
  7. P

    Rapid Fat Loss

    I"m wondering How is it possible to lose more than 1kg (2lb) of fat a week with minimal muscle gains. A lot of us have seen the guys & girls on the biggest loser lose a good couple of kg's in a single week. For an athlete between 10 & 20% body fat, would it be the same process as the biggest...
  8. M

    Im 18 I need help. Weight loss pills?

    Hey everyone, names Matt and im 18 turning 19 in.. 4 days and I wanted to get some professional advice on my next goal i havent ever really seeked advice before just kinda gone with trial and error but yeah :) Name: Matt Age: 18 Location: Melbourne How long have you been interested in...
  9. F

    [Article] Fadi’s smashing the myth of muscle gain/fat loss

    want to gain muscle I want to lose fat I don’t mind gaining muscle and fat; as long as the scale tips in favour of muscle. I don’t care; I just want to gain weight I don’t care; I just want to lose weight I want to lose fat but not muscle I want to lose fat but maintain as much muscle as...
  10. katie

    Sudden loss of appetite

    To all you the big eaters out there - the ones who eat 6 meals a day, 30g+ of protein in each meal, etc etc. Have you ever experienced a sudden loss of appetite? When it gets harder than usual to fit all that food in? Lately I've had no appetite when it comes to eating my usual 6 meals a day...
  11. P

    Keto bulking to Keto Fat Loss

    i thought i'd let you all know that today i started a brief 6-10 week fat loss diet. I've worked out the scales that i measure my food by is pretty inaccurate, meaning my portion sizes have been waaay off the mark. I've some how ended up being a chubby 15% bf. So, my plan is to go from a keto...
  12. trofius

    Weight loss and breast feeding

    HEy all just thought i would post this here, and see if anyone has any suggestions. Since teh birth of my son 10 weeks ago , teh little mans has doubled in weigt packing on 3 full kg.... ....At the expense of his mum..( and me) Yes she is happy, but how her body is loosing weight I feel is...
  13. H

    Hassle-free Weight Loss: The Zen Habits Meal Plan

    ’ve decided that in order to get serious about losing weight, you need to count calories. I’ve tried doing it without counting, and while you do see some weight loss, it’s not the results I’m looking for. However, I’m too lazy to measure and calculate the calories of every single thing I put in...
  14. H

    [Article] 80 Awesome Weight Loss Tips

    I’ve compiled some of your best tips into a list of ideas, below, for those looking to lose weight (and that’s probably most of us). It’s not a step-by-step guide, and there are contradictory tips — but there are some great ones here, so pick and choose those that will work best for you and give...
  15. H

    [Article] Zen To Slim: A Simple, 5-Step Weight Loss Plan

    I think this one will be a bit controversial — weight loss theories seem to be a bit divisive, judging from past posts on this topics, as people have very strong opinions about the right way to lose weight. However, this post isn’t going to explore any of those theories. It’s meant to be a...
  16. H

    [Article] Exercise for Weight Loss

    Exercise for Weight Loss Exercise and fitness are an effective part of any weight loss program. It's a simple equation - to lose fat, you must burn more calories than you take in from food. The reality is - most of us hate it! Not enough time, too hard, and... so we go back to sitting on the...
  17. H

    Weight Loss Supplements and Diet Pills

    Weight Loss Supplements and Diet Pills Successful and healthy fat loss can be achieved by proper diet and appropriate exercise alone. There is no magic bullet for weight loss. Some supplements and pills can provide an edge - but will only give you that extra 5-10% 'boost'. If you intend to...
  18. D


    Hi Guys. New member, so G'day to all. Ok I would APPRECIATE as much input on this as quickly as possible as i want to kick start this off ASAP. Basically as of now.. I'm 20kg overweight. I have high testosterone and a good family gene to build muscle. Body uses up about 4000 calories a...
  19. J

    14 Stress-Free Ways to Kick Weight Loss in the Butt

    1. Focus on gradual loss. I mentioned this above, but it’s important. Too many people focus on trying to lose weight fast — 10 pounds in 4 weeks, 20 pounds in 2 months, etc. It’s not healthy, and it doesn’t work, because even if you are able to lose that much weight that fast, you haven’t...
  20. L

    Bicycling and weight loss

    Wasn't sure where to post this question here in the female department or over in the bike department so i decided to post my question here I was just wondering if anyone has ever lost much weight by just going out bike riding. if you have lost weight via bike riding : How long did you...