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  1. kaz

    New Pre-bridal weight loss fad

    A controversial new diet that sees devotees swapping food for fluids delivered through a feeding tube is becoming popular among brides-to-be in the US. It is expected that it won't take long until it catches on in Australia. Women on the 10-day K-E diet, which costs $1500, have a tube inserted...
  2. mocha

    shedding hair-gals

    so the balding remedies thread got me thinking about me own hair.. i feel like its been shedding heaps more lately.. do you think there is such thing as seasonal shedding? is your hair shedding more at the moment going into colder months? im too scared to count how many hairs shed after my hair...
  3. jet

    Rapid Fat Loss diet by Lyle McDonald

    Any done the RFL diet by Lyle McDonald? Thoughts? Results? etc. Essentially its a protein sparing modified fast with most calories coming from protein. Adding in fish oil, vitamins and fibre from veggies.
  4. T

    Advice about body fat loss

    Hi I'm new to doing anything we my diet, so took some advice about a diet for cutting body fat, So for the last 5 weeks have been eating Whey shake 50g and banana pre training, training at 5.30am After training Meal 1) 2 eggs poached with 2 slices wholemeal bread 25g whey Meal 2) 120g...
  5. B

    Fat loss protein

    What are your thoughts on fat loss protein, I really know nothing and thought I would post here What about max's supershred Just marketing at its finest? Or is it a good product worth buying It at 170 for 3kg?
  6. J

    I just want to give up on this weight loss plan of mine I dont know what to do ?

    I started in mid september with my weight loss diet plan and ive lost a total of 20 pounds but now i'm stuck i'm not going any where I started to run more still nothing I feel hopeless. Just yesterday I was so sad I ate so much junk and I went on the scale and it went from 230 to 236 HOW IS...
  7. Christian

    Long-Term Persistence of Hormonal Adaptations to Weight Loss

    Long-Term Persistence of Hormonal Adaptations to Weight Loss Priya Sumithran, M.B., B.S., Luke A. Prendergast, Ph.D., Elizabeth Delbridge, Ph.D., Katrina Purcell, B.Sc., Arthur Shulkes, Sc.D., Adamandia Kriketos, Ph.D., and Joseph Proietto, M.B., B.S., Ph.D. N Engl J Med 2011...
  8. K

    Anyone used rapid fat loss by Lyle?

    Just wondering if anyone here has used his methods to drop some fatness? Ive got a bit over a week off so I figured its a good time to do his 2 weeks stint, as it wont matter if Im a little slow.
  9. S

    Good food products for a weight loss

    Hey guys, I new here in australia and the only thing I can buy that isn't shitty in taste, unhealthy or way to expensive is sushi. lol. I'm looking for good food products high in protein and/or with good fats. Give me your favs and all those unseen secrets. In sweden i used to buy Quark, a...
  10. F

    Emotional Rationality and Fat Loss

    Just my own take on this subject if you will with all due respect to one and all… Emotional Rationality When the emotional mind met with the rational mind; they discussed fat loss…amongst other topics. I was fortunate enough to witness a historic event today. It was one of a kind type of a...
  11. Ben

    Weight Gain / Loss

    How much weight have you gained/lost since starting lifting?
  12. F

    Weight Loss Six Fundamental Questions

    Diets and more diets! Although diet and exercise feature highly on every overweight person’s list, I feel that a closer look at some equally important fundamentals would serve the overweight person better in the long run. 1. Do you have the time? 2. Do you have the drive the motivation? 3. Is...
  13. G

    Rapid weight loss

    Hey guys, I was just looking for some advice to acheive a 10kg weight loss in a 6 week period by losing the least amount of muscle and strength as possible. Basically over the christmas period, I let things slip a little (had too many interruptions)... didn't train for nearly a month, drank too...
  14. K

    BJJ for Fat loss.

    Gents, Since moving after purchasing a new home about a month ago (gym cancelled about 3months back) I've been lacking the motivation / desire & the dedication to attend a new gym. Partly due not having a car to travel / partly due to cost of gym membership and mostly due to lack of...
  15. P

    Weight loss supplements

    G'day all, ive recently started getting serious about size and strength. I gained about 17 kilos in the past 6 months, but along with it some fat. I'm now trying to lose abit of fat for summer, ive just bought some hydroxy burn by BSC and Lipoburn caps too, just as a starting point for weight...
  16. Sticky

    Stickys muscle loss diet.

    Hey guys. As alot of of you are aware, Ive got to change my food a fair bit for a while. Im cutting all dairy and all meat (vegan?). Anyway, this is what Ive come up with so far. Im after suggestions, timing or recipes to make this taste good! 530- 4 sclices nut spread toast banana WPC in water...
  17. B

    Keto Shopping list + Diet (Muscle building and fat loss)

    Background : Im coming back from a rotator cuff tear and I quit lifting ALLTOGETHER for the past 6 months, I have minimal or 0 strenght left and need to continue to do some light physio before I lift. This means I cant lift heavy for most upper body movements. Over these months I have lost a...
  18. V

    Fat or muscle loss?

    So as of recent I have had to take 3 weeks off from my training in order to prevent myself from further injury. Just before I stopped training I weighed in at 83.2kg. Last night was my first night back in the gym, i felt good and decided to weigh in. I weighed in at 78.2kg. I am wondering if...
  19. Shrek

    Squats are better for fat loss than Cardio

    I am not a fan of cardio form fat loss. Whomever has read my journal knows that since January I have been on calorie restrictions trying to drop fat mass. So far I have lost 11kg (106-95) without any cardio. I have simply manipulated by diet and persisted with heavy resistance weight training...
  20. B

    loss of speed?

    hey guys, ive been doing a program similar to rippetoes for about 3 or 4 months. i play aussie rules footy and pre season i was fit and pretty fast, i have foty training twice a week, since ive been lifting weights solidly (3x a week) a feel like ive gotten slower and less fit and my legs are...