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  1. mocha

    anni suggestions plz

    hey guys my 2 year with my bf is coming up... whats something awesome i could do with him? Ideas appreciated thanks before u ask what he likes.. errm he likes...well he used to like oly weightlifting before he got injured and had to stop, he likes nice clothes- ralph lauren polos, lacoste, rm...
  2. D


    Need some ideas on meal timing to reduce hunger at night. I work 7am till 8pm and am usually pretty busy on those days. I have a good 2-3 hour break at 2pm where I train and can eat and a 30 min break at 10.30. I usually like 4 meals a day to get in my 3000 calories (10-15% below maintenance)...
  3. peanutz

    Ideas & Suggestions for me

    Hey all At the moment, I'm on 1-3 shakes (Promatrix Wicked Whey WPI Chocolate), and being vegetarian i take flax, iron and a womens multi. I am also starting up on l-glutamine. My diet is pretty good, my training schedule is 3 x gym sessions with my trainer (who thrashes me to the point of...
  4. K

    Power Rack, Barbell, Dumbbell etc suggestions.

    Hey guys, Im looking for advice and suggestions on which equipment i should get for a home gym. This is what im looking at getting so far: Power Rack: MMPR Power Rack Bench: Flat - not sure on this, is there any difference in them other than their price? I just need one to do my bench press...
  5. K

    Full Body Workout Suggestions Please

    Hey all. About 2-3 months lifting i have. Looking for a full body workout 3 times a week with high intensity and wont leave me bored. Splits are fun and exhausting, full body i dont feel nearly as much. All workout suggestions will be appreciated. GO NUTS!!!
  6. N

    Diet Suggestions

    Hi Guys, Im new to all of this. Recently I decided to join the gym, I'll give you a quick breakdown of my situation and ask questions. Age: 21 Weight: 105KG Height: 185cm Bodyfat % 27ish I used to be pretty skinny, however I got my licence so instead of riding a bike or walking I drove, I...
  7. Gauche

    Shoulder Roatator Exercise Suggestions

    Hi guys, Just wanting to know what exercise you do for strengthen your rotators? Been having pain through my right arm when doing bench press and my chiropractor suggested to build my rotators. Llew
  8. B

    [Any Suggestions?] Full-Body 6-7 day a week workout

    Good Evening I'm a basketball-player looking for a better Full-Body 6-7 day a week workout then the one I'm currently doing 7 days a week. Here is my current routine (minus this week, where I'm doing cardio); Floor-work; 70 Push-ups 100 Sit-ups 100 seconds of lying vertical up-to...
  9. B

    [REQUEST] Suggestions for my 1 week cardio-workout

    Good Afternoon, My current workout is as follows; Floor-work; 70 Push-ups 100 Sit-ups 100 seconds of lying vertical up-to waist (chest exercise) Weights; 22.5KG Barbell 13 repetitions of Plyometric Barbell Curls 13 repetitions of reverse-grip Barbell...
  10. T

    My diet, suggestions please?

    I currently am very lean, bit of muscle from training the last 6 months or so (gained around 8kg), currently 6'2" at approx 80kg. Below is just an example of my diet, used what I am eating today for the example. Any suggestions would be really appreciated, I'm trying to bulk up a lot, and eat...
  11. kindred

    Does anyone have any suggestions for my Back/Chest day?

    This is what i did last time: 5/1/2009 - Monday Pec fly - (60kg) 9,6,5,4,3 Vertical press - (70kg) 6,5,5,5,4 Assisted rows - (100kg) 6,4,5,4,4 Lat pulldowns - (80kg) 6,6,6,5,5 10mins stationary bike I was think of doing: Lat pulldown (cable) assisted rows (machine) dumb-bell rows flat...
  12. B

    Suggestions on how to build mass [newbie]

    Well just recently I just signed up with the local gym as I would like to become fitter, healthier and most importantly gain heaps of mass. I am 19 and weigh about 60kgs. What equipment should I be concentrating on using? I usually use bench press, lateral pull down and a few other things. I...