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Elite Member
I am tempted to use black tiles as the splash back as I may have access to some for free. Bench top is the next big decision

I have seen a few kitchens that have been using 600 x 600 floor tiles for the splashback and only using a 3mm spacer so the grout line is narrow. A lot less grout to clean and gives a sleek look. The standard height from top of bench top to under side of the overheads is 600mm so they fit in without having to do to many cuts. Your looking at maybe 20 bucks per tile so wouldn't be a big expense.


Elite Member
Bar still in progress. Celtic design is slow going.


looking good mate, are they cut out of timber?


Active member
Put in about a km of horse fencing on the weekend single handed. Putting on the electrics today hopefully after concreting a couple of the corner posts in.


Elite Member
I have been working on these benches for the last few weeks. Main frame is 75x75x3mm.
Flat to incline Seat back angles are 0,15, 30,45,60, 75 and 85 degrees. Decline bench has the same angles but the added -15 degrees decline.
Still waiting on the radial arms from the laser cutter but will get the main frames together this weekend.
These will be a couple of rock solid benches.



Elite Member
One bullet proof FID bench under construction.....

10mm plate radial arm:

Bits of metal and stuff.....

Sticking it together....hope the glue is strong enough....


Standard kunce
getting an extension to the house done atm, coupe a bedrooms, living area and bathroom uostairs and another double garage for me, not too far off being finished and ill be able to start painting...


Nice job on the rack Ghost!!!!!!!! I saw your ytube videos also, and was wanting to know how long the "Lunar Arms" are and what degree angle they are at? You sure did an awesome job!!
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I am a 3rd year student in mechanical engineering and when i was in diploma i have a little experience to makes radar.


Finished my rack and now have all the j-hooks and attachments powder coated. I think the black looks good.....its like the Mad Max of power racks.
Unfortunately I will just have to sit and look at it and watch it collect spider webs until I can train again:(

J-Hooks with HDPE protective inserts

I made these for doing standing calf raises in the rack, the barbell slides along the black guides. Plus you can use these as well instead of a J-Hook.The stainless pins are adjustable as well.

AUSBB!! Spotter arms.
That is just downright beautiful. Total material and time cost?