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Administrator. Graeme
Staff member
Who uses bodyspace , which can be found it your profile
what is it ? what does it do i hear you ask?

Well quite simply it is a place for you to provide some stats on your body ,

check it you in your profile

While it isn't as full on as bodyspace over on bodybuilding.com , but it does contain some of the basic features
Most of us can't even keep a log going Graeme!
Don't think I've ever put anything in there, let alone kept it up to date. Don't really browse other people's profiles either
i put some info in there a while back but have not updated it since then.

i think it's a good idea but I think having logs as threads is a problem as having those stats along with a log where you can update everything in one place might be better.

i know that is a shiiiite load of work to develop though!!
Look its a great tool for tracking progress if you're into minuscule details, maybe its more geared towards prepping for a competition or if you want confirmation that Ep1c is still working for you on all kinds of gainz. I like CCM's idea of having it all in the one place, that is infact a really ground breaking idea but can appreciate that it could be a bank breaking one as well..
I just use a log like everyone else. Then you have a history with date stamps. Plus you can see when people update them.
I'll update every few months usually. I've kept track since about January, I think.
Not so much recording weight, as it varies too quickly.