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Elite Member
Why is it that most gyms don't have safeties on their bench presses?

The Goodlife I was going to had 3x bench press and none had safeties. I think it was all Calgym equipment.
I had a look at anytime fitness a few weeks ago. They had a hammer strength rack with solid adjustable spotter/safety arms.

But as you said most don't have these. Has provided me some laughs over the years tho seeing peoples egos get in the way when on a bench without the safety arms.


Look at Moi, I'm a Kunce
When I trained at Jetts I just used to bench in the rack. No other kunce used to use them when I went anyway. But at Goodlife now and like you say, 3 benches with no safeties (same in the work gym). Can still move a flat bench in to the rack if I really wanted to but it's a douche move in a reasonably busy gym.

I'm not sure why they don't have adjustable arms coming off the uprights. Guess people have only really had their egos crushed rather than getting physically crushed?
1. You wouldn't want to kick the pedal accidentally
2. Useless if one is using the thumb-less grip
3. don't be lazy, use and correctly adjust the safety supports, or don't lift alone crikey.