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Stiff 2G

SuperDooper Member
there is no doubt the deadlift is the primary low back exercise along with dips and chins it’ll go a long way to improve the integrity of the muscles that track up and down the back.

one huge mistake lifters and power lifters make is NOT including the most productive part of the exercise- the “negative portion” they just drop it ffs.

side bends (and I mentioned often) are an excellent exercise to bridge the gap for a strong back.

but I always stress strongly that to do all this one must be patient and to make sure that if one wants to get in shape- you first need to be in shape.

that quote will mean nothing to a young beginner and in a lot of cases a seasoned lifter too, some folks are lucky and some aren’t.

Very good again Goo. Prior to the Back injury I had a period of irregular training due to a Knee injury doing Sprints. Tried to push too hard without building up again first.
If ones back is shot, the safest way to build incredible back strength is MedX or Kieser (same Machine) low back machine.
there is nothing like it.

i was tested on one a few years ago and my isometric strength at particular angles was in the 95 percentile which is athlete area and I’m no athlete but my back is one strong mother fucker.

yet you would struggle with a 100 kg deadlift.
If I put you through a workout you would not get past the second exercise but I’d love you to prove me wrong.
got the guts?