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New member
I didn't ignore it. I just was responding to the questions. I do actually understand your post. I just was hoping it was a normal occurrence like my doctor suggested because I've seen two doctors so far over it. They both said exercise causes women to have early periods but this wasn't exactly period like.

I had girlfriends and a lot of them either had early or very late menstrual cycles after heavy exercise.

I really suggest you see a doctor you are comfortable with, and a pap smear to clear any issues up. If there is a cyst, I do NOT suggest x-ray, as x-rays are cancer causing and they will never be able to trace if they did cause or not. only use x-rays when there isn't any other choices.

I think there are other non invasive methods, a cluey doctor who specializes and knows the latest methods will be up to date and know of methods to scan for cysts, I think there are methods to detect if they are present by the blood sample hence non invasive.

but the key word is do not prolong a intensive checkup, try to avoid x-rays unless necessary (no matter how much they say it is safe, as there is threshold limits per year, and links have suggested brain cancer linked to x-rays for dental patients, twice as likely)

I used to work in research and healthcare in cancer research so I would know a little.

most likely you would be okay but really important to check early and very complete checkup.

also note diet effects your menstrual, so note what you eat and google if other women had the same experience. not foolproof obviously, but could gauge a little idea if a food does.
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