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Administrator. Graeme
Staff member
This is a thread to put all the little things that you do to your bike over the week that isn't worth making a new thread about.
repaired the brakes on the mountain bike , changed the brake pads over and gave the discs a clean

gave the gears a bit of a tweak to get them changing smoothly
I have a $15k bike in the corner of the room with a flat tyre.

Bloody screw right through the rear tyre on the weekend. I have to ride it tomorrow but damn i really need to put a new tyre on it.
bloody hell that is a prick , i got a pop rivet in the tyre of the commute bike , it had that slime it , i was wondering why the tyre went straight down , bit arse hole explained it
Always tinkering with the bikes since I got them. Aligned all the brake pads/shoes, got the saddle angle just right, indexed every gear perfectly (even set the tension on the B screw). Coming from a car background, they're so easy to work on.

Also upgraded my girlfriend's bike as she was complaining about wrist pain. Got her a 29er with head stem extender, bar ends and a wider seat fixed the issue. Now that she actually enjoys riding the bike, she comes on rides way more often.
Pumped the tyres up yesterday and charged the lights on it.

It's a new bike so don't have to do too much to it.

Want to get some paint and a small spray gun and paint it
After going for a long distance with my brother on hills, there occurred some issues with my bike, and I maintained my bike by giving it greece and working with gears.