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Well-known member
I do a bit on my recumbent exercise bike infront infront of the TV. I can never get right on a normal bike seat. Just smashes the taint area. Feels like it's doing damage.


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wiggins prior to 2016 Olympics

Wiggins, 35, posted a photo to his Instagram page showing the scales after he won the 2014 Amgen Tour of California (his last GC win on the road) and at the start of 2016.
Having tipped the scales at 71.75kg back in May 2014, he now weighs 83.2kg and wrote on Instagram: “Seven months hard work in the gym with the help of a great team at British Cycling making gains for the Team Pursuit,”



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We don’t know how successful his approach would have been because Wiggins crashed out of the 2011 Tour, breaking his collarbone, but he struggled on the notorious gradients of the Angliru in the 2012 Tour of Spain, although that was mainly due to the fact he was overgeared and just back from his Tour injury.
So Wiggins went back to the gym this winter and did a strength and conditioning programme building the muscles in his core that cycling can’t reach, to the depth he needed. He also did specific bike training, like high-intensity intervals with varying rest, designed to help him mount powerful anaerobic attacks and recover from them, and cope when others make them, which is crucial.

reality is that all cyclists need great leg power, so weights is a great way of developing such power.


Administrator. Graeme
Staff member
cyclist here ,both mountain biking and road cycling
got a giant alias mountain bike
and a jamis road bike

living in the country area i get the best of both worlds ,mountain bike for hitting the fire trails and offroad exploaration , and the road bike for the road


Sprint Cyclists would spend almost as much time in the Gym as they do on the Track I'd woulda thought!