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  1. S

    New to the sport -- Cycle insurance

    Do you have any recommendations for companies that are easy to deal with and don't haggle you for claims if need be? Thanks in advance for the responses!
  2. vegas

    Measurement recording app?

    So after an extended lay off due to injury, I'll be getting back into the swing of things soon. I want to know if anyone has any recommendations for an iPhone app to store and track my measurements (legs, arms, waist etc) and weight. I'd prefer not to buy a full gym app because I have no plans...
  3. Rugby88

    Forget meal timing, 6 meals, 3 meals, Pre/post workout meals

    .............its now all about eating the protein 1st on your plate for better body composition............. Hahahahahahahahhahaha Beginner Fitness
  4. chopsuey

    4 or 5 day training split recommendations

    Hey there, As the title suggests I'm just after a decent 4 or (preferably) 5 day training split. Does it really matter which day of the week I train a certain body part on? Cheers,
  5. W

    $1290 MMPR Package - Power Rack - Recommendations?

    Hey guys, Just wondering if you guys think this is a good deal? I'm planning to set up a new home gym /w a Power Rack. I was looking at getting this combo from Ebay...
  6. C

    Gym recommendations - Melbourne CBD

    Hi ladies & errant gentlemen, I'm a newbie to the site after lurking all weekend, and I must say the forums here are amazing, and filled with great advice. I'm wondering if anyone could recommend a gym to me - I live in Port Melbourne, but work in the CBD. Currently, I attend one of the local...
  7. Swervyn-Ervyn

    Protein powder recommendations

    If may have been done, Just thought I'd chuck it up anyway, But just for good (or bad) proteins that are reasonably priced, for those of us that done like paying a fortune for the bigger brands in shops.. I'll start BN banana was decent Venom caramel is fucking garbage
  8. J

    2nd cycle, Test E/Deca/Dbol. Dosage and PCT recommendations?

    Hey guys, Stats: Age: 25 Height: 165cm Weight: 79kg Planning my 2nd cycle of Test E/Deca/Dbol. Looking to gain some serious mass. First cycle was Test E @ 250mg twice a week. PCT was .25mg Arimidex e2d and Nolvadex 40/40/20/20. Been doing a heap of research into the...
  9. S

    Any good course recommendations?

    Hey guys! I'm currently studying Psychology and have decided that it's not really what I'd hoped it would be and would love to instead persue a career in the fitness industry as it is something I am passionate about! I'd idealy like do my cert 3 & 4 and then go on to get a diploma of fitness...
  10. A

    Recommendations for garage gym

    Hi everyone, I'm looking at getting a garage gym, with a budget of about $2000. I've had a look at many of the posts on here and want to get some input on what you would get on this budget. This is what I'm looking at getting: - power rack - have been looking at the LC2 one from cyberfit or the...
  11. A

    half-cage rack recommendations

    so I am looking at starting my own home gym and am looking for something similar to this Smith Machine Power Rack, but obviously want the best value you for money. so I thought I would ask the more experienced guys what would do youse recommend to buy ? current lifts are 180x5 dead, 140x5...
  12. B

    24 hour gym recommendations

    Do any of the 24 gyms in brisbane have squat racks? only have seen jetts before and no they do not have them. Anyone know some good 24 hour gyms they would recommend. Thanks ! :D
  13. Jungnaut

    Recommendations for Fish Oil

    Does anyone have any recommendations for a good fish oil that they are using? I am looking for one with high DHA to EPA ratio.. Having just come back from the shops/health store empty handed, I am sorely disappointed by their offerings. I need sum good quality fish oilz plz!! :rolleyes:
  14. B

    Recommendations for Protein

    Hi all, Well following my 'introduce yourself' introduction, I figured I may as well jiump straight in and ask my first burning question.... What protein (preferably flavoured) would you guys recommend? In the UK I was using Syntrax Matrix which came recommended by a mate who was training in...
  15. P

    Any physio recommendations in Melbourne?

    Basically, I am just after an idea if anyone recommends any physio in Melbourne, either near the CBD or Melbourne's east? after an initial check up as well as get my shoulder looked at, although it is better I want to get some ideas on any prehab as there are different ideas and a physio may be...
  16. jj80

    Very wide, flat bench - recommendations?

    As title suggests I'm after recommendations. So far considering the MM gymdirect flat commercial that has a 30cm back rest. 30cm would be the minimum I'd consider. Trained at Brisbane PTC (great place, btw) recently and they had a bench which was wider, perhaps 34cm? Not quite sure on...
  17. Stewstews

    Southbank / South Melbourne gym recommendations

    Hey all, Currently on the hunt for a new gym and thought I'd throw this out there for any input. I live near Crown in Melbourne. Joined Fitness First Platinum near a year a go (so could train with an experienced mate), but I'm more than self capable now and want somewhere...
  18. C

    Brisbane East, gym recommendations?

    Hi, Just wondering if anyone has any tried and tested recommendations for gyms in the Carindale area? I might been swaying heavily towards a 24 hour gym as I work shifts and can't always get there in normal gym opening hours...in particular on weekends I have to work. Local 24hour options...
  19. C

    Pre workout Recommendations

    Can you recommend a fairly pure pre workout for energy and mental focus?
  20. D

    Digital Scale recommendations?

    Hey guys, Figured I should get a little scale to use at home to help me track how much I eat and to keep the amounts relatively consistent. Any suggestions? I know there's a million on ebay but hoping to hear from someone who has bought one....and it still works 2 weeks later. thanks!