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  1. CaT_SPeW

    Power Supplements (protein n more) protein test results

    so like Big Mick ive been doing some tests on a batch of protein this time from Power Supplements also known as Protein 'n' More. The tests were run on 3 batches of flavoured WPC purchased almost a year ago now and amounts were 1g of protein powder measured on digital scales Please excuse the...
  2. U

    12 Strength Training Supplements Dissected.

    he amount of marketing BS spread about supplementation is absurd. It makes sense - supplements are a billion dollar industry, and the craziest claims get you paid. We've been dissecting supplement and nutrition claims for over two years at Examine.com. With over 20,000 citations now, we've...
  3. U

    Medication and Pre Workout Supplements

    I bought my first pre workout recently (Cellucor C4) First of all I am currently taking anti depressants "Effexor XR (Venlafaxine)" and also reflux medication called "Somac" I am not sure if my medication is rejecting any of the ingredients or if it is just me but after 2 scoops (1 did the...
  4. S

    Fish oil supplements increase prostate cancer risk, says study

    Another study finds link between Fish Oil supps and Prostate cancer (can't find study free of charge yet). Fish oil supplements increase prostate cancer risk, says study Men who take fish oil supplements or eat fatty fish may be more likely to contract prostate cancer, an international...
  5. L

    "Natural" supplements... anyone used them before? Made the swap from whey to plant?

    "Natural" supplements... anyone used them before? Made the swap from whey to plant? I've been using whey supplements for a few years now and recently have found a great deal of information that indicates these are extremely bad for your overall health. I'm not posting here to try and turn...
  6. jj80

    Weight loss supplements

    What can you take to help preserve or build muscle while on a cut? Does Clen actually help do this? I realise it speeds up your metabolism which burns more energy, but that wouldn't have any anabolic effect would it? It would just allow you to lose weight while eating the same amount of food...
  7. O

    Post workout supplements to aid muscle recovery

    Just wondering what everyone is using to assist sore muscles? On the whole I generally take minimal supplements but I do have creatine pre-workout and a protein shake post workout. Have just started taking BCAA's pre workout too but so far havent noticed any real difference (its been about a...
  8. kaz

    Sleep Supplements

    Anyone use or have used these? Thoughts on Valerian for sleep assistance?
  9. M

    Supplements for Knee Rehab

    I have trashed my right knee in a basketball game and unfortunately have to have surgery. I need a reconstruction of the ACL ligament and stitch up of the medial meniscus tear. I saw the specialist today and have been booked in for this Thursday. Like most people, I want to have regain as close...
  10. nobullsupplements

    New gym accessories coming soon!

    At No Bull, we're always looking to improve our service and expand our existing product range. In addition to a new website that will be coming soon (with a heap of new features!) we're releasing a range of gym accessories that will be made by market-leading global manufactures using top...
  11. nobullsupplements

    Australia Post prices increase - No impact on No Bull Supplements Australia

    We've had a number of customers ask us over the last week whether we plan on implementing a change to the prices we charge our customers for shipping, following recent price increases by Australia Post. We can confirm that we have no plans to increase our postage and handling prices. We will...
  12. E

    Cystic Fibrosis and Supplements

    ok Guys, so i have Cystic Fibrosis and am currently doing the Begineer Program. Due to cf i lack in appetite, so at the momemnt to asist me in gains i am taking Maxs Super Size protien with full Cream Milk 2-3 times a day. With this i am adding in Glutamine and BCAAs. So far so good. My...
  13. P

    Sleeping supplements?

    At present im using "ronnie Coleman" ressurect, it leaves me bloody tired in the morning. previously i used "ON's" fusion sleep capsules with no hangover. the only other thing iv used that was any good was temaz but i really cant use that 4-5 nights a week. whats everyone using?
  14. Stewstews

    Essendon FC investigated over supplements

    Wonder what they were taking, to be considered "pushing the boundaries"??? Essendon To Be Investigated By ASADA Over Supplements Essendon facing AFL and ASADA investigation over its supplements given to players "A former Essendon player told Channel 9 that the club knew it was pushing the...
  15. H

    taking supplements overseas

    Hi, Travelling to thailand in april. im looking to do some training whilst there make use of the good foods and heat!. just wondering has anyone had experiences with taking supplements in your luggage. im only planning on taking some L-carnitine and a Fatburner with.
  16. H

    Test supplements??

    Hey guys i have been doing a bit of searching about these so called tribulus capsules i noticed that chemist warehouse has these two that cought my eye and wouldn't mind trying out...anyone out there who has tried these before have and feedback side affects ect..cheers any help much appreciated...
  17. A

    Weight gainer supplements

    Hey guys. Just looking for the best weight gaining supplements on the market at the moment that I should use and also anything else that will help me put on weight. Also if anyone has a recommend website that they like to use, cheap, good delivery, wide range etc etc. Any input would be a...
  18. A

    supplement csi

    the thread of supplement CSI was nuked after legal threats from Power Supplements /Protein-n-more no talk of supplement csi will be permitted while there was finger point of claims that supplement csi was linked to bulk nutrients , i myself haven't seen any strong evidence that would hold up...
  19. M

    Bulk Nutrients Vs No Bull Supplements

    hey guys, looking to do my supplement shop in the near future, mainly in the market for protein... anyone have any experience with either company..!? recommendations, preferences!? or are they pretty similar in regards to products etc..?
  20. nobullsupplements

    No Bull Supplements Beef Jerky Review

    Hi AusBB's This week we've launched our new product, No Bull Supplements 100% Australian Beef Jerky. Early sales figures indicate that our customers have been just as eager to see the launch of this snack as we have. To give us an understanding of where the product is at and how we can improve...