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  1. A

    Welcome on Board NoBull Supplements

    I would like to give a warm welcome to Ausbb - Australian bodyBuilding , lastest sponsor , a name that i am sure a fair few have heard around the circuit , Nobull Supplements No Bull Supplements was set up by a team of bodybuilders tired of spending ridiculous amounts each week on...
  2. B

    Win $250 worth of supplements for MOvemeber!

    WHO CAN GROW THE BEST MO? WIN $250 WORTH OF SUPPLEMENTS! For Movember, Bulk Nutrients is looking to raise money for Men’s Health Awareness. With so many male customers, it seems a good fit for Bulk Nutrients to be supporting this cause while giving you a chance to win free supplements...
  3. High Protein Girl

    Hormones in supplements

    Hi All, I've recently heard about the presence of phytoestrogens and growth hormones in supplements and was wondering if anyone was also concerned about it. I've read that Whey Protein is an animal based product derived from milk, and contains protein hormones such as rBST (recombinant...
  4. H

    Advice on gyms in Sydney/Aus and Supplements

    Hey guys! So im travelling down to Sydney tomorrow to stay there for about 10 months and im a fitness junky so i kind of need to get a good layout before i go so i wont loose all my gains:p Been trying to google a bit on this subject but the info is either to overwhelming or its just outdated...
  5. E

    looking for good supplements

    Hi there all as i have just started going to the gym again can anyone help me with who and what supplements should i take to gain size
  6. B

    looking for good supplements

    You don't need any supplements. Save your money and just work hard at the gym.
  7. J

    I Have Hit The Training Wall

    Hello, Firstly excuse my naivety as I am not an experienced body builder. I am training hard however and I cannot get a relevant answer from another source. I am not a huge woman but have lost 5 kilos in a month. I have been training at my local gym for 3 months and started Weight Watchers...
  8. R

    Ronnie Coleman supplements

    anyone tried any of the new ronnnie coleman stuff ? tesogen ?

    does anyone really use muscle-tech supplements? lol!

    way back when i first started training i bought a tub of cell-tech. i went through the whole tub in about a week. :D i had a nitro-tech shake once an it was pretty nice.
  10. A

    topic of the week -How Do You Manage To Take All Of Your Supplements Each Day?

    With the liste of supplments that some people take , how do you manage to take them all ? creatine before and after the gym, take three multivitamin capsules per day (morning, noon, night), two protein shakes per day. the liste is endless How do you remember to fit in all of your...
  11. B

    no bull supplements - 5 flavours review

    note* i do not work for no bull supplements or have any connection to them. this review is purely on my own opinion and my thoughts of the product, this can change rapidly from person to person - the only way to make up your own mind is to try it for yourself flavours; banana, honey comb...
  12. M

    best strength and recovery supplements

    Hey Guys, Im looking to put on some muscle over the next 6 months. I do Jiu Jitsu x2 a week and Judo x 2 a week. My weekly fitness rountine is 2 strength workouts (pullups and kettle bells) and 2 - 3 runs (4 - 8ks). My routine is not geared well towards gaining muscle but primary goal is get...
  13. chocchillimango

    [Article] Vitamin D - Fortification of foods

    Interesting short article by The Conversation To D or not to D: adding vitamin D to food is no panacea
  14. damyt01

    Supplements and stimulants

    What's good/bad and what are your experiences? I've tried some oxyelite today and want to throw up. Hard. Not sure the benefits outweigh the feeling. Is L-carnatine good? CLA? Any others?
  15. A

    Calcium supplements may raise risk of heart attack

    Calcium supplements, which many people consume hoping to ward off osteoporosis, may increase the risk of heart attack by as much as 30 percent, researchers reported Friday. These tiny tablets which carry concentrated doses of calcium were also associated with higher incidences of stroke...
  16. M

    No bull supplements - Review of Choc-orange, Choc-coconut and Choc-Cherry WPI

    I recently bought a kilo of the new choc-orange flavor and some samples of choc-coconut and choc-cherry. Here are my thoughts. Price 5/5 - This is a common factor among all. I'm a big fan of the NBS pricing policy of getting bulk prices but with the ability of choosing a variety of flavors...
  17. A

    topic of the week -What are your top three supplements

    With a multitude of supplements on the market ,What are your top three supplements
  18. B

    A simple calculation to find out the purity of your supplements in here

    First of all, a quick guide. If you use a WPI, you want a good value powder to be as close to 90% as possible. If you use a WPC, you would want a good value powder to be as close to 80%. For an Amino Acid drink, as close to 100% purity as possible or 98% is more common today as most are...
  19. M

    No Bull Supplements - BCAA Electric Strawberry flavor

    Thought I'd share my experience with NBS' new BCAA product. Price: 5/5 A competitive price compared to the other 2:1:1 BCAA products out there. Mixability: 4/5 BCAA's are notorious for their mixabilty. So my rating is based on my experience - the NBS product does need a fair bit of mixing to...
  20. B

    5 Sins of Supplements

    Just thought I’d post up an article which I put together today, some may find it helpful, probably more so the guys who have been using supplements for less time than old hands here. Are you young, wide-eyed and sure you’re the next Jay Cutler? Do you have money to burn? Please read this...