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beast mode
Staff member
As part of the body transformation I'll be hoping to lose a couple of kilos of fat.

Don't set monthly goals per se. I probably take it 1 week at a time


Fucked up Kunce
Lose 3kg and get to 95kg.
Today didn't help. Had meetings so morning tea an lunch was provided. Couldn't keep track of cals and too many coffees.


Active member
I usually only look at monthly goals because something inevitably comes along to fuck it up if I look too far ahead.

February: Minimum of 12 full body sessions without doing 11ty exercises times 11ty sets. Compounds only, add weight every session, try not to kill myself.


Manky Pommie Kunce
My only real goal each month is to stick to the plan and not miss any workouts. Each 3 week training cycle I try to hit PR's on the big lifts so I guess that is a mini goal each 3 weeks.


Look at Moi, I'm a Kunce
Don't usually set monthly goals but ramping the weight loss up this month till the end of summer....then the dad bod can return for winter