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Administrator. Graeme
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Sergei Boutenko took photos of himself everyday for 145 days in order to create this fitness time-lapse. In this 2 minute time-lapse video you will see Sergei's body lose weight, burn fat, build muscle, form a six pack, and grow a beard. Sergei is currently working a new documentary about getting in shape called "I Want Abs."

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Fucked up Kunce
Good on him but the results look a bit mediocre really. Let's be fair dinkim.
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Well-known member
Yeah. 145 days is a long time. He could have gotten those results in half the time pretty easily.
I have seen 2 fat kunce lose heaps of weight, looked like shit, looked better fat I reckon.

given a choice we'd be far better off being overweight, muscular and healthy as opposed to, well...."skinny-fat" which I reckon 90% of the pop's are.