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Morrison and Frydenberg to spend like drunken Sailors on Budget night then call the Election I assume.
Never heard of Will Smith's Wife until today. Read that she was boycotting the Oscars as a protest for Blacks, even though she was never invited to attend until today. So much for her boycott.
I'm guessing a few people, me included will be calling her G.I.Jane if Will Smith is present and we see them.
Woulda loved it if Chris Rock could swing. Two of them going at it live on stage.
Service Stations or Petrol companies are going to make a motza. Budget to cut fuel excise and Brent Oil down almost 10% overnight. You reckon Petrol Companies will pass it on in its entirety, I doubt it.
Take note of the price of fuel at the Servo today. It should be 22 cents less in two weeks.

Who's holding their breath?
New Study finds the most discriminated against people in our Society are White, hetrosexual Males aged 15-65.
Been drumming that for years.
Really started seeing this in the corporate workplace, some years ago when I witnessed employment choices being made on research of demographics.

Yep, not the best kunce for the job, but “we don’t have enough skinny south East Asian dark skinned, homosexual transgender kunce” so they get preference for a job they are not experienced in.
It’s fkn ridiculous.
US Treasury yield curves indicating a (US) Recession next year. Inflation, Interest Rate hikes, "toppy" property and stock market here, adding to pessimism. We follow Merica off that cliff?
Our ASX200 is at 7514. Record high last year 7600, that was at the end of all that Govt stimulus. Inflation, Interest Rates, Wars or potential ones, lotsa Government debt and we're still approaching record highs?