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Punxsutawney resident
Chill. I have made about 3 threads this week. One about soap, one about pants and one about fruit juice. That is all I can think of. Is that too much?


I think we need a thread about which soap to use when you spill juice on your pants.
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Two nuns were having a bath
One nun says, "Where's the soap"
And the other nun says "It does, doesn't it"


What did you think about the BN thread deletion? Probably due to your outburst. 😃

Yeah I know that. I always have pretty good reason to get steamed up. Getting steamed up online is good, coz you don't end doing something which will get you charged with assault lol.

I only posted about half of my grievances too lol. Took my anti-psychotic medication last night so I'm cool now <-that's a joke Vonframm!
What the fuck are you bastards talking about
Are you still making soap [MENTION=18530]Reide[/MENTION]; ?
What about making your own makeup