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Well-known member
probably pullups, but I would go with which one puts less stress on your body/joints.

ideally, do both. I am stopping gym work for a while, so will do both to work lats and biceps as chin-ups hits biceps more.


New member
Cheers. I'll have to have another go from the fixed bar at the park. See if we can't make it to 20. I like my door frame one but it does flex a little. Always more comfortable not having to lift you feet off the floor too.


beast mode
Staff member
got 18 straight bar reps this morning when not feeling 100%, I'll post video a bit later. Pretty sure I could hit 22 before the end of the year with the right training.

I'm confident of hitting 25 chinups this year too


Well-known member
one of the army guys does 25 strict. he does some reps with legs straight out in front, not 25.

strong and fit dude with martial arts background who broke someone's femur with a kick to the leg.

also runs minutes for 2.4km and has a 2.76m standing long jump so far.
25 rep’s with a strict cadence of; 2:1:4 seconds is rare to see.
an 85 kg and upward body weight doing that is exhibiting super human strength I’ve only ever seen that once and the fellow had very skinny legs.